January 26, 2014

Weekly Roundup - January 26th

This was an unusual week for both of us as we continued our recovery from the Dopey Challenge.  While I was off sipping strawberry daiquiris and cruising the Caribbean, Christine was dealing with snow and cold weather in Virginia. For the most part, exercise took a back seat to my vacation and my body was definitely enjoying the rest. However, my mouth got some great workouts with all the delicious food and drink available on the cruise ship!  Lots of stair climbing was also part of the week as I avoided the elevator and kept my legs moving. Using the ship's gym was not always an option, because it's forward location could make you feel very unsteady on the machines. I am not a fan of rocky seas and large exercise equipment.

After arriving home Friday night, I was excited to get my running clothes ready for a Saturday morning run. Unfortunately, the temperatures were quite chilly so I pulled out my warmest running attire and enjoyed a nice brisk run!

The evidence post run!
Overall it was a great week and I am happy to be back to my running and cross training schedule.  In a few weeks I will be traveling back to Orlando for another race week so it is time to get the miles done! Here is our week in review:

Sunday, January 19th
Pam: 45 minute kayak, 15 minutes eliptical machine
Christine: 30 min circuit work - 10 min cardio, 10 min strength training, 10 min yoga

Monday, January 20th
Pam: 30 minutes snorkeling, lots of stairs
Christine: 45 minutes swimming, 2000 yards with focus on breast stroke and kick sets

Tuesday, January 21st
Pam: Walked 3 miles and lots of stairs
Christine: 35 min stationary bike, push ups, abs

Wednesday, January 22nd
Pam: Swam 30 minutes
Christine: 30 min elliptical, leg weights

Thursday, January 23rd
Pam: Swam 30 minutes, lots of stairs
Christine: Rest day

Friday, January 24th
Pam: Rest day, travel home
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, January 25th
Pam: 5 mile run, average pace 9:09
Christine: 6.1 mile run, average pace 8:59 (first run since Dopey booyah!)



  1. You ladies definitely deserve some easy workout days after Dopey! Glad you enjoyed your cruise, Pam!

    1. Thanks Lauren, It was alot of fun and so relaxing. I must admit though, I was ready to run as soon as I returned home!

  2. AH THE LIFE! I can't wait to go on a Disney Cruise soon!!

    1. I wish I could talk Tom into a Disney cruise....no way but at least he will cruise with me! :)

  3. I'm SO looking forward my cruise in a few weeks!

    1. Danielle, I hope you have smooth sailing a wonderful time running the Castaway Cay 5K!

  4. Ah, sounds like a FABULOUS way to recover from Dopey! I'm sooo jealous!

    1. Jennifer, It was perfect especially since I have returned home to some winter weather in NC.