February 25, 2014

Big news from runDisney this morning!

runDisney has something big up their sleeve and we will find out all the details this morning at 11:35 Eastern/8:35 Pacific time!
As part of the cool down party after the Princess Half, a chalk artist went to work to create this teaser for today's announcement.  The interwebs have been a buzz with speculation for this announcement - an Avengers themed race (hence the "smash" in the hash tag), a Wreck it Ralph race (hence the bricks in the drawing), or something different.  Most figure this will likely be a west coast event given that most runDisney events take place at WDW.  In just a few short hours, we'll know for sure!

Sign up to "attend" the event revealing all the details on runDisney's Facebook page here.

So what do you think it is?


  1. I cannot wait for this announcement!! I am hoping it's an Avenger's-themed race!

  2. So I have to admit I've never seen Avengers so if that's the theme it totally doesn't do anything for me...

  3. I'm not on board with this one. I get what they're trying to do, but it's not interesting enough for me to want to do it.