February 5, 2014

Princess Weekend.....last minute registrations anyone?

While going through some paperwork yesterday in preparation for my Princess Half Marathon weekend I realized that I had not printed my Lasting Commemoratives art card voucher.  Perhaps I am not alone and here is the link so you can download yours!   I always love to get these cards and will eventually put them in a scrapbook with my race bibs and photos!

Checking on the runDisney website, there are still options to register for several of the weekend events.  At the time of this post, this is what is posted on the website:

Royal Family 5k:   95% full

Kids Races: 97% full

Pasta in the park party: 75% full

Race Retreat:
  Princess Half Marathon: 98%
  Enchanted 10k:  62%
  Glass Slipper Challenge: 82%

Be sure to sign up quickly if you are interested in any of these events.


  1. How are there still spots left...deferments? LOVE the lasting commemoratives card!

  2. Lauren, There are only spots left for the Royal Family 5k and the kids races.

  3. Pam, you and Allison should do the Pasta in the Parks Party on Friday night. I'm going to be there with my mom and would love to share a table with the two of you!

    1. Meranda that sounds like fun. However, Alison does not arrive until Saturday and I have already committed to a dinner with some running friends on Friday night. Thanks for thinking of us!

  4. Thanks Pam, I had forgotten to print my form, so glad you posted the link!!

    1. You are welcome Kristen. I have a collection of those little beauties!

  5. If only Cali was a little closer...I would love to do the Glass Slipper Challenge