February 5, 2014

That time I went to Zumba

Last Saturday morning, I found myself procrastinating my workout.  It took me about 2 hours (during which I tidied up the house, walked the dog, clipped coupons, blogged, worked on my to do list, etc.) to figure out why.  I normally hop on the stationary bike as my normal cross-training and it is boring the crap outta me!  I checked the gym schedule for a mid-morning class, but no dice.  So I told myself I would switch it up and do some interval and circuit work along with the biking.

By the time I pulled into the gym parking lot, it was 11:32.  I checked my phone before I walked in and for some reason, looked at the group exercise schedule again.  I noticed an 11:45 Zumba class.  I haven't been to Zumba in at least a year plus but I used to go religiously and always had a blast.  So I was sold.  I walked up to the group exercise room and waited to go in.

I immediately got nervous as I watched the group assemble.  Most of the girls were outfitted in really fun outfits.  Some hats and headscarfs, a few pairs of cute cargo-ish pants, sparkly crochet skirts, and the like.  I was woefully out of place in my baggy Disneyland 10k shirt and Under Armor tights.  There wasn't another sole in the class wearing a race shirt.  Hey, I had my silver Sparkly Soul headband to make me a little less awkward!

I assumed my spot in the back of the room and waited for the instructor to get us going.  I nervously smiled at several other girls and spotted another woman who appeared a little nervous like me.  She looked very fit and we exchanged a smily "hi" that seemed to speak "hey girl, you look nervous like me.  Good luck here."  I felt relief at some solidarity since this girl didn't appear to be a Zumba regular and I complimented her on a very cute tank!

The instructor turned on the stereo and as we started warming up, my nerves slowly melted away.  Katy Perry, Sean Paul, Rihanna and the like thumped through the speakers in the classroom and I was reminded why I loved this class - great music, a good total body workout and I can work on my moves.  By moves, I mean attempting to shake my booty in a mostly awkward manner.  My hips haven't attempted to move this much since the last time I was at a club for a bachelorette party!

I tried to work on my booty shaking form, but it was a futile endeavor.  Thankfully the instructor reminded us that it didn't matter if we were on the music or not - as long as we kept moving, we were getting a good workout.  I envied a group of girls at the front of the room.  They were rocking to the music, improvising and making it look so easy.  "If only I had taken more jazz and hip hop classes at the dance studio and less ballet", I thought to myself as I literally laughed out loud at my reflection in the mirror.  Hey, I have a sense of humor about my lack of hip hop and salsa moves!

Remember my friend from the beginning of the class?  She turned out to be one of the best in the room.  Apparently her nervous smile was unfounded or I read her all wrong.

Before I knew it, we were on our last song for the morning/afternoon and then cooling down.  It was a great workout and I'll definitely go back to keep working on my booty shaking.  The next time I do, I'll be prepared.  My Sparkle Athletic skirt will go with me for some flair!



  1. I have never gone to zumba or even saw a class going on. They offer it at my church during the week and i've often thought about trying it out. So, what is the proper attire for a Zumba class?

  2. Awesome that you tried a class you hadn't been to in awhile. I am SO nervous to try new classes (if I'm doing something solo I'm a bit more confident). Sparkle Athletic would make a perfect accessory for this! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  3. I love how you talked about your nervousness - that's my problem, too...I cannot dance and am scared to death of Zumba. You did great and I bet your sparkle skirt will be perfect for the next class!

  4. Oh my goodness - this is EXACTLY how I felt in my Zumba class too! The instructor was from Brazil and could move her hips. Thankfully many of us were beginners! However, like you, I had a lot of fun. I think the Sparkle Athletic skirt will make all the difference! ;)

  5. I did zumba a lot my junior/senior year of college when they brought it to the Texas Tech gym! I love it so much, and really miss it too. Makes me wonder if they have zumba classes near me here in Houston lol :0) So glad you had fun!!

  6. I have not tried zumba and I don't think I'm coordinated enough. I can get down and dance at home, and no one is around to stare at me... except my cat, but she goes back to sleep.

  7. I went to a Zumba class...once! I am so not a dancer! And I don't have very good eye hand coordination either! It was super fun but I couldn't catch on to most of the moves so I've never gone back.

  8. I have always heard Zumba was so much fun; I need to try that sometime!

  9. you are braver then I...I am far to "scared" to try that class