February 23, 2014

Weekly Roundup: February 23rd

This was one of those weeks where the promise of spring was finally in the air!  We had a few warm days mid-week in Virginia and I took advantage of them!  On Wednesday, I looked at the weather app on my phone and saw it said 70 degrees and sunny.  I still had some work that I wanted to get done that day but I decided it could wait so I headed home to enjoy every warm hour of daylight that was left.  Paddy and I ran around the backyard and she was completely unhelpful while I did a little clean-up (raking and picking up fallen limbs) in the backyard. 

But to be outside in a long sleeved shirt and shorts was simply glorious and definitely renewed my spirit and served as a reminder that spring, is in fact, on the way!  We had a great week of workouts and I'm excited to hear about Mom's race in the Princess Half this morning!
Pam met her royal footman...now time to find a real prince! 

Sunday, February 16th
Pam:  Ran 10 miles total time 1:39.16  average pace 9:56
Christine: Ran 11.5 miles at 8:45 pace

Monday, February 17th
Pam: 20 minutes stationary bike, weights, Bosu ball
Christine: Rest day

Tuesday, February 18th
Pam: Group workout  8:45 pace with pickups and easy  mixed in, 5 miles total run
Christine: Tempo run 6.5 miles total - 1/2 mile warm up, 1 mile at 7:50, 1 mile at 8:10, 3 miles at 8:30, 1/2 mile cool down plus 1/2 mile walking; stretching

Wednesday, February 19th
Pam: 20 minutes stationary bike, weights, walked and carried 9 holes golf
Christine: 30 min walk with Paddy, 30 min yard work, lots of foam rolling and stretching

Thursday, February, 20th
Pam: 2 mile shake out run
Christine: 35 min elliptical, leg weights

Friday, February 21st
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 12 miles at 9:40 pace

Saturday, February 22nd
Pam: Enchanted 10k
Christine: 1 hour walk with dogs, biked around DC

Did you race this weekend?


  1. Great week of workouts! I am loving all the PHM updates on FB/Twitter!

  2. Lots of great workouts, and Disney looks so fun.

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