April 22, 2014

Dear Shalane

Dear Shalane,

Hey girl.  I know you're bummed out you didn't get the olive wreath, but we are SO proud of you.  You stepped over the line and you did it big, girl.  You owned those first 20 miles.  You were fearless. 

As race day approached, I told all my runner gal pals that I was DYING for you to win.  I could sense the fire in your gut to bring it home to Boston.  Everyone knew it.  Everyone could sense your determination and your passion.  We felt it.  You shared that with us and no one doubted your determination for a nanosecond.

I watched as you owned those first 19-20 miles.  I managed to catch bits and pieces of the live feed as I attempted to focus on my work yesterday morning.  I got a little misty eyed when I saw you run through Wellesley, a place that means so much to me.  When I saw the updates that you'd fallen off, my heart sunk.  I kept thinking it was strategy but I knew.  I knew that maybe you had led as far as you could.  And the pack was starting to close.  I bounced around in my chair hoping that there was a second wind in you somewhere, but yesterday wasn't your day.

Please don't think you let us down.  Cause that's just crazy talk and so unbelievably far from reality. You set your own personal record out there yesterday.  Your blonde ponytail led the pack to a new course record.  You are America's sweetheart and we thank you for your determination and spirit out there today.  You are Boston Strong, girlfriend.

Hugs and high fives,

P.S. Meb, you are THE MAN!


  1. Perfectly said! Shalane did an amazing job out there yesterday, and Meb definitely owned those 26.2 miles!! So proud of both of them!

  2. Aww so sweet! Almost brought a tear to my eye!

  3. was not only her personal best in terms of time, it was probably her gutsiest performance ever. She raced to win. Nothing less. Jeptoo should thank her. Without her performance she wouldn't have gotten the win and the course record. Truly a fun and exciting race.

  4. Perfectly said Christine. She ran an amazing race. I saw that there were only 3 Boston Marathons where her time wouldn't have won, yesterday included.

    I feel like this serves as additional fuel to her fire. She knows where her strategy no longer worked, and I'm betting she knows why. She knows that course, and her competitors, and now she begins her prep for next year.

  5. Well said! I love her so much, shes awesome!

  6. Oh man, I wish I had remembered to set my DVR to record the coverage! Great letter!