May 3, 2014

A little R&R this weekend

This week has been strangely long.  It definitely hasn't been a bad week but it's been dragging on an on.  I am so relieved the weekend is here and there are 5 big reasons why!

1. Sleeping in this weekend.  I haven't been sleeping all that great and am hoping to get some rest this weekend.  And yes, I know that you can't really "catch up" on sleep.

2. Spring baseball.  We may not have professional teams in our area, but we have a AAA team that has a gorgeous stadium right on the Norfolk Harbor.  I'm planning to hit up a game this weekend with friends and nothing signals summer more than baseball!

3. Marathon training plan.  This weekend, I plan to get my act together and start thinking about my Richmond marathon training plan.  One major thing standing in my way is my MIA copy of Run Less, Run Faster.  That book is my crutch for all training plans and the fact that I can't find it is making me twitch a bit!

4. Follow Expedition Everest.  I can't wait to see all the photos and hear about EE this weekend!  Are you racing??

5. Daydream about Paris.  A friend from work is headed to the City of Lights in a few weeks so I've been giving her tons of recommendations for where to go.  So it means that I can start daydreaming about my (yet unplanned) next trip.
One of my "musts" in Paris
What are you most excited about this weekend?


  1. Ahhhhh, Paris. Such a great city. I hope I make it back there one day! enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  2. Y'all have the Tides baseball team over there right? I remember going to those games when I lived in that fun!