May 12, 2014

My Racing Drought is Over

It's been a long time coming but I'm finally signed up to run another race.  After Shamrock, my body was pretty fatigued so I took a break.  And that break lasted a lot longer than I anticipated but I'm mostly ok with it.  It gave me time to focus on other things and eventually (and just like everyone said), my legs have finally recovered.  After seeing lots of friends racing over the last few weeks, I was itching to race again.  My endurance isn't great right now so a distance race was out and lucky for me, 5ks and 10ks are pretty common in the springtime in Virginia. 

I did a little research and found 3 options for 5ks this coming weekend.  After looking through the race websites and associated information, I settled on the Red, White and Blue 5k that is in Yorktown, VA.  It's a little further from my house than my ideal race location, but I love that it's a military-focused race and is patriotic.  It's also been running for a while so I know it will be relatively organized.

I'm still undecided on race goals.  Of course, I'd love to PR but I'm not sure if my legs are ready for speed yet.  We'll see how it goes!  But regardless of the outcome, I'm looking forward to pinning a bib on my shirt and seeing where the (time) chip falls.

Do you have an inclination to races that benefit a specific organization?


  1. So glad to hear that you're ready to race again! I think its natural for all of us to go through ups and downs with racing. Like you, I like to participate in local races that help raise funds and awareness for organizations. There's no better way to run than knowing that you're doing so and helping others at the same time!

  2. It's always great when an race benefits an organization but I have no preference! When is this race? -M

  3. I love that you called it a drought! Too funny. Congrats to you for signing up! Happy training leading up to it.

  4. Yay Christine! So glad you're ready to race again!

  5. Glad to hear you are ready to race again! I love the atmosphere at races. Good luck at your 5K this weekend! I am very partial to races that benefit the military or pet shelters!

  6. Yay for getting back to racing! I'm excited to do some new local races... And am thinking about doing a 10 miler here in Chicago that's on a must-do spring race list from Competitor Magazine in to couple weeks.