May 18, 2014

Weekly Roundup: May 18th

This was a fantastic week for both of us.  The sun was shining most of the time, and with spring fully in bloom everyone seemed happier.  I finally got a chance to test the hills of Needham with a run and let me tell you, it was tough.  But I am optimistic that it will be easier the more times I do them!  Cross training has been on the back burner for me, especially my sculpt class.  Returning on Friday, the day before a race was not such a hot idea.  I managed the class and then woke up very sore for the 5k I was running with Lucas.  Both Christine and I will recap our races from Saturday later this week.  Both of us had alot of fun and there will be plenty of photos and stories to tell!

In the meantime, our vegetable garden has popped and spinach leaves are already being harvested for salad.  Each day it is fun to see if anything else is ready to gather and bring inside.  Caprese salad will be on the menu this week once I buy some fresh mozzarella and tomatoes since the basil is ready to pick.

And the mailman brought a special envelope this week! Our trip to Disney World is in just over 4 months so plans are in place for the Tower of Terror race weekend.

Tickets for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

And my trip to Fresh Market yesterday included an overloaded shopping cart with this summer treat!

Salt Water taffy

They had all my favorite flavors so of course I had to buy not one, but two bags filled with watermelon, cinnamon, blue raspberry treats!

Now to our week of workouts.  Both of us seem to be getting our speed back after winter time and a series of longer races. Of course that is making us happy runners.

Sunday, May 11th
Pam: Ran 4 miles, hills in Needham
Christine: Rest day

Monday, May 12th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 5.5 miles at 9:05 pace (very hot and humid!)

Tuesday, May 13th
Pam: Without Limits practice 4.25 miles average pace 9:10
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, core work, push ups, lunges, squats

Wednesday, May 14th
Pam: 30 minutes elliptical machine, weights
Christine: 4 mile progression run (8:48, 8:38, 8:21, 8:03)

Thursday, May 15th
Pam: Without Limits practice 5 miles total (temp followed by track sprints)
Christine: 35 min yoga

Friday, May 916h
Pam: Sculpt class
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, May 17th
Pam: Ortho Wilmington 5k with Lucas
Christine: Run for Red, White and Blue 5k

How was your week?  Did you race over the weekend?


  1. If I was a home owner I'd love to have a garden full of fresh veggies. Caprese and mozzarella salad...yum! Wish I was foing tower of tower. I know my sister is excited for it as well. Hopefully you guys will be able to meet up-L

  2. Great week for both of you! I'm jealous of your garden Pam! Luckily my in-laws have a garden and share their fresh veggies with us. Broccoli straight out of the garden is so delicious!

  3. Watermelon is my favorite taffy too! Unless I can find sour apple which isn't often.

  4. Your garden looks wonderful! I just shared my spring gardening. So excited to move beyond the deck garden :)

  5. Your garden looks amazing. I LOVE tomatoes from the garden.

  6. Mmm caprese salad is so good. I bet it's even more delicious fresh out of the garden!

    Great job this week to you both. Can't wait to read your race recaps!

  7. Thanks for reminding me - I need to buy MNSSHP tickets too! And that taffy looks Ah-mazing.

  8. Your garden looks amazing!!! We grow basil as well for the caprese salad, but have taken a liking to the pizza as well :-)