June 20, 2014

Friday Five: How to beat the summer heat!

This week, the girls of DC, Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Mar at Marontherun and Cynthia at You signed up for what have chosen "How to beat the summer heat" as their topic for the Friday five link up.  What an appropriate topic for a week when the weather has been scorching hot and the sun has been shining brightly.

Last spring, Christine wrote a post on this very topic, so I am going to include some of her ideas and add a few of my own.

1. Hydration Now is the time to be filling that water bottle multiple times per day and also drinking your choice of electrolyte replacement drink.  Summertime weather really takes a toll on your body and fluids will help you with your workout as well as your recovery.

2. Adjust your pace  Do set your goals based on what you can do in 70-90 degree weather versus optimal conditions of 50-60 degrees with no humidity.  I remember the first summer that I did workouts at the track.  I used my training book to figure out my distances and paces and tried desperately to reach goals that were totally unrealistic.  Do not beat yourself up over a workout, and set the tempo at one you can actually do in the heat/humidity!

3. Start early   Now is the time of year to set your alarm and get out there for your outdoor run or workout before the sun comes up.  Our running group meets at 6:00am for our long runs on the weekends to try to avoid the heat of the day.  Your body will thank you that you are not running in the middle of the day when the heat could be at it's highest with sun blazing down on you!

4. Ice bath for cool down After a difficult summertime workout, nothing feels better than a cold bath to ease your muscles.  At the very least, make your shower cooler than normal to get your body temperature lowered!

5.  Dress appropriately  Thin summer workout wear is readily available and having a couple really comfortable lightweight outfits will make your runs or cross training more bearable.

What are your tips for enjoying your workouts during the summer heat?


  1. Summer is probably the only time I'd consider an ice bath - I just get too cold otherwise! (I use ice packs) The first time I ran into an ice bath was at an August race in Chicago (very hot and humid) where they had kiddie pools filled with ice water for the runners at the finish, and I knelt in it....it was wonderful!

  2. My best tip is finding a shady place to run ( which you've mentioned) but can sometimes be a challenge!

  3. Its so important to remember to keep your goals and expectations realistic during the summer. Its difficult to do, but so so important! I also try to run through shaded areas in order to find relief from the hot, blazing sun.

  4. wearing the right clothes makes all the difference! #FridayFive

  5. Great tips! You definitely have to change your expectations for these hot, humid, summer days. My goal is usually just to finish what I set out to do, with little emphasis on pace (I'll do my best, but if it's slower than I'd normally like, that's ok). It is definitely helpful to run in a more shaded area if possible, as well as a nice, cold shower when you are done :)

  6. Dress appropriately is so important. Summer heat is no time to go all prudish and cover up!

  7. You have some great ideas!
    I am trying to stay hydrated and drink as much water as I can.
    Plus I love frozen grapes now, just discovered them.

  8. i 100% agree with these tips -- you HAVE to be smart in the heat :)

  9. I'm gonna have to learn the concept of an ice bath reallllll quick!