June 12, 2014

New Rock 'n' Roll Events

I was pretty excited to see an email in my inbox yesterday afternoon announcing a new event at Rock 'n' Roll Dublin - a fun run!

But before I jump into those details, there's more!  A few weeks ago, Rock 'n' Roll announced that they're expanding some of their other race weekends to include other races. Many of these are family oriented or shorter distance races to draw new and different runners.  And not to mention the allure of additional bling for completing multiple races in one weekend.

I can't help but feel like this may be a slight response to the unparalleled success of the runDisney race weekends which are truly for runners of all ages and abilities.  And I think it's brilliant!  It's no secret that we love a good old race challenge and encouraging family participation is fabulous!  So now let's talk about the new Rock 'n' Roll events, shall we?

Rock 'n' Roll Dublin Family Fun Run:
* 3 km / 1.5 mile FunRUN that starts and finishes in Phoenix Park
* Finisher medal for all participants
* Event takes place on Monday, August 4th at 11:45 AM
* Registration is SUPER CHEAP until June 30th (10€ for adults and 7€ for children under 12)
* They also have a family 4 pack registration (30€)

Rock 'n' Roll Running Festivals
* Where: Chicago, Virginia Beach, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Savannah
* Additional races were added to Saturday, making it a two day event
* Each city has different events
      * Chicago: additional 5k on Saturday
      * Virginia Beach 1 mile run on Saturday and 1/2 mile run for kids age 5-8
      * Philadelphia: additional 5k on Saturday
      * St. Louis: additional 5k on Saturday
      * Savannah: additional 1 mile run/walk on Sunday after the full and half marathon
* By participating in one of the Running Festivals, you're eligible to receive an additional medal!
* All running festival events are timed, except for the kids races

Note that Rock 'n' Roll Running Festival registration is discounted until Friday, June 13th so don't delay!!

Are you interested in one of these new races?  I think we may be registering for both the FunRUN (possibly the family run if we can convince my Dad and another runner to join us!) in Dublin and the 1 mile beach run in Virginia Beach.


  1. As you know, we love rock n roll events. I'm so excited that my dad will finally be running with us in one in Vegas!

  2. I hadn't thought about Rock 'n' Roll's recent additions being in response to runDisney's success, but that conclusion makes complete sense. Last year we were stuck in lots of DC traffic (and since its the end of back to work week for teachers I can't take off), and didn't make it down to Virginia Beach before the expo closed, so I fear that if we did sign up for the mile run on Saturday that we wouldn't get there in time to get our bibs. That being said, I cannot wait to run the half marathon on Sunday!

  3. I'd love to do a rock n roll race sometime! Great pricing on those fun runs!

  4. So fun! I'd love to be able to add the 5K in St. Louis to my schedule but I wasn't planning on driving up there until Saturday morning :(

  5. That's pretty cool! I would probably get sucked into that... Although I swore off race challenges after GSC and managed to use restraint and only sign up for the half during Star Wars weekend. ;)

  6. Sounds like a great direction. I'm really interested in a rock 'n' roll race sometime in the near future! Don't think I can make it to Dublin though!

  7. Gah! How fun would it have been to meet up in Dublin!? I'm actually registered for the half, but we had to cancel our trip unfortunately :(