June 3, 2014

Race Prep

It's finally hit me that I have a fair number of races in the coming months….ZOOMA Napa, Rock 'n' Roll Dublin Half Marathon, Tower of Terror, and Richmond Marathon.  Given that none of these races are located in my hometown, there's a fair bit of logistical planning for each event.  And two of these are being treated as vacations once the race is over so that comes with its own set of complications.  After sitting down and thinking through all I needed to do for each race, I started a to do list.

- Plane ticket is purchased woohoo!
- Need to research and identify some fun activities for our itinerary in addition to the Keenan winery (it is my namesake after all!)

Rock 'n' Roll Dublin Half Marathon
- Plane tickets have been purchased for a while.
- Figure out the second half of our itinerary once we leave Dublin for some more scenic, country spots
- Recruit some other runners…don't forget about our discount code (RUNROCKNROLL)!

Tower of Terror 10 Miler:
- Hotel is booked.  We're staying at the Wilderness Lodge and I cannot wait!
- I'll be using my Disney Chase Visa rewards points towards our room, park tickets and meals.  I'll be ordering that card soon.
- And last but not least, I need to figure out my flight.  Unfortunately, Southwest has cut back some of their Norfolk to Orlando routes so I don't have as many options.

Richmond Marathon:
- As I was casually talking to a friend about Richmond, I decided to check the race website and the hotel listings.  And guess what?!  Most of them are already sold out!!  So above all else, I need to get my act together to find a hotel that's near the start that won't break the bank.
- And like I've mentioned previously, a training plan is still absent for this race.  In addition to a hotel, that may be my #1 priority for this upcoming weekend.

How do you keep your racecations/destination races organized?


  1. We'll be at the Wilderness Lodge for TOT also, too funny! I LOVE planning vacations so I usually get excited and plan everything as soon as possible. I have been known to make excel spreadsheets with vacation itineraries on them...

  2. I LOVE planning trips! I use TripIt to keep all my plans organized and share them with anyone else traveling with me.

  3. There's nothing more exciting than a vacation spreadsheet and I'm not even being sarcastic and/or joking, I really do love my racecation/vacation spreadsheets.

  4. We, too, will be at Wilderness Lodge for ToT!! My family is coming in on Sunday to spend the week so we will move over to Bay Lake Tower then so I have to figure out the logistics of what to pack when I fly in on Friday and what to send with the hubs and the girls when they drive down.

  5. I love wilderness lodge! Totally jealous I won't be running disney for awhile!

  6. I have always wanted to stay at the Wilderness Lodge! We are thinking about staying there for Dopey next year. I'd love to see a post on how you like it at TOT!

  7. What an amazing group of races you have scheduled! I love to travel for races, and I sort of keep a spreadsheet for everything so I can make sure I don't double book things. Although once I double booked a flight so my system is not perfect:) But for the most part it works.

  8. I keep a folder of all my upcoming race registrations but everything else is remembered in my head. I really should start writing things down!

  9. What a great racing calendar! One of my favorite things to do is plan for races!

  10. Check out the Sports Backers training. I know you probably won't be able to join them, but see if you can do "virtual" training with them for Richmond