June 5, 2014

The third marathon

I have a coworker who is a runner.  He's run several marathons and many half marathons.  Usually we talk business and then inevitably, our conversation drifts to running.  He had an injury last fall so I often felt bad asking about the status of his running.  He's healthy now so we have been bantering back and forth about fall races.  He ran Richmond half last year and he's offered some words of wisdom for the entire race weekend regarding hotels, the course, the crowds, etc.

When we were chatting earlier this week, I mentioned that I was a little anxious about the fact that I still don't have a defined training plan and that the hotels advertised on the race website are sold out.  He looked me and said "Christine, you've run 2 marathons including Dopey.  This should be like clockwork for you.  You know you can run a half marathon tomorrow if you have to." 

On some level he's right.  But I wasn't gutsy enough to tell him about my goal for Richmond.  I'm still not gutsy enough to tell you.  I'm still not sure I want to affirm it to myself.  It's aggressive, but hopefully reachable.  I believe I can accomplish it but I need to get a training plan on paper. 

I find solace in a plan.  I'm a type-A sort of girl so naturally, a detailed plan is my happy place.  I need that plan to feel like I'll be ready for Richmond.  Developing this plan has been on my to do list for many weeks.  I'm embarrassed to admit how long I've been meaning to actually write it.  But I finally have a new copy of Run Less, Run Faster and developing a plan based on the training plans they prescribe will be one of my top priorities this weekend.  I look forward to sharing the details of the plan next week...please hold me to it! :)



  1. I have no doubt that your goal is aggressive, but so was your sub-2 half goal of not just going sub-2 but totally smashing 2 hours and you did that! You are an incredibly focused athlete when you have a training plan and set your mind to accomplishing a goal, it was amazing to watch your work your way through your sub-2 half training plan, nailing every workout and then accomplishing your goal and I'm sure you'll do the same this time!

    Honestly, I wish I had the same discipline you do when training! I definitely don't push myself enough, but for whatever reason I'm just not motivated enough to. I'm hoping for a fall marathon PR but I'm sure it's not nearly as aggressive as your goal!

  2. I should look into that book you mentioned! I can't wait to hear what your plan is so I can cheer you on! -M

  3. Let me guess...1:30? Girl, please. Like you have anything to worry about! :)

  4. You can stay at my house for the marathon. I am not a weirdo! I ran it in 2012 and will run it again this year. I train with a training team called Pink Nation and we are awesome! seriously, let me know.