June 22, 2014

Weekly Roundup: June 22nd

It's hard to believe that it's the end of June.  This summer has simply been flying by, which means lots of racecations are on the horizon!  I spent a lot of time this week prepping for my upcoming trip to Napa and also doing some research and planning for our trip to Ireland later this summer.  It's a good thing I have maintained a base level of fitness since Shamrock as these races have snuck up on me a bit and while most of them won't be a PR attempt, it will be nice to not die!
Trip planning and working out - multitasking!

Sunday, June 15th
Pam: Long walk on beach
Christine: Long walk on the beach, stretching

Monday, June 16th
Pam: Water aerobics, 30 min elliptical
Christine: 40 min elliptical, abs, 80 push-ups

Tuesday, June 17th
Pam: Played 9 holes of golf
Christine: 4 miles each descening pace, abs, stretching

Wednesday, June 18th
Pam: Water aerobics,
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, June 19th
Pam: Played 9 holes of golf
Christine: 3 miles at 8:30 pace, 0.5 mile cool down, stretching, 60 push-ups, abs

Friday, June 20th
Pam: Walked 45 minutes
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, June 21st
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Ran 6.5 miles at 8:55 pace

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  1. Awesome weekly roundup, you two have great workouts.
    I just booked my hotel for VABeach, getting excited.