June 29, 2014

Weekly Roundup: June 29th

Summer is officially here and running is hard.  Let me rephrase that, getting through runs at the moment is a test of mental strength.  The heat and humidity has been through the roof and returning from a run includes wringing out my clothing before I head inside.  No complaints though since we have enjoyed mostly sunny skies for the last seven days.

Christine had quite a week that included flights to California on Thursday followed by the Zooma Napa valley race yesterday.  She called the course, "the most beautiful race course I have ever run".  The heat made the race a difficult one, but she finished with a big smile and a shiny new medal!

I had not one but two practices with my running group this week, since I was still on mandatory rest last week.  I can't wait to lace up my shoes today for a 10 mile run with the girls down at the beach.  I am very lucky to have this kind of scenery to view when I hit the pavement.

Might need to jump in here after the run!
So here is our week of workouts.  My favorite was spending over an hour in the ocean helping a neighbor watch their 5 grandchildren! Let me tell you, these kids loved the water and were very busy with boogie boards! I also helped with sand castle construction.  (no photos to protect their privacy)

Sunday, June 22nd
Pam: Ran 6 miles at 9:15 pace
Christine: Rest day

Monday, June 23rd
Pam: 30 minutes elliptical, weights, plank
Christine: 3.5 mile run at 8:22 pace

Tuesday, June 24th
Pam: Without Limits running practice 5.5 miles total
Christine: 30 min elliptical, 80 push-ups, 100 crunches, stretching

Wednesday, June 25th
Pam: 20 minutes stationary bike, 50 minute water aerobics class
Christine: 20 min walk with Paddy

Thursday, June 26th
Pam: Without Limits running practice: mileage 4.25 miles speed work, 1 hour in the ocean with kids!
Christine: 2.5 miles at 8:33 pace

Friday, June 27th
Pam: 35 minutes elliptical, plank, sit ups
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, June 28th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: ZOOMA Napa Half Marathon


  1. Sounds like you both had a fun couple of days!

  2. Running on the beach is something I don't get the chance to do far enough:) What a great time you've been having! Congrats to Christine on her race finish!

  3. I am InstaStalking your Zooma pictures of wine country.

  4. I have been loving all the photos from Napa the past few days! It looks gorgeous there!