June 8, 2014

Weekly Roundup - June 8th

This week was crazy with a capital C.  And the worst part was that I didn't expect it.  It was one of those weeks where I worked longer hours than anticipated, my personal to do list grew on a daily basis and my motivation to workout wasn't as strong as I would like it to be.  And all of that made the weekend that much sweeter!  I've been able to knock a bunch of things off my to do list, spend some quality time in the beautiful warm summer sunshine and see some friends.  These are the weekends I cherish.  I'm looking forward to a long run with a friend later this morning too.  It will be just the push I need to get in some more miles!
My favorite parts of this week: a nice easy run on Friday morning, a fun
treat in the mail from Mom, sleepy Paddy after she came home from the kennel,
and a delicious apple pasty from a European bakery

Sunday, June 1st
Pam: Rest day 
Christine: Rest day

Monday, June 2nd
Pam: 4 mi at 9:15 pace
Christine: Rest day plus push-ups and abs

Tuesday, June 3rd
Pam: travel day
Christine: 4 miles at 9:00 pace, stretching

Wednesday, June 4th
Pam: 4 mi at 9:30 pace
Christine: 1 mile run, 20 min stationary bike, 20 min circuit workout

Thursday, June 5th
Pam: walked 6 mi 
Christine: Rest day - 2 hours heavy house cleaning (it needed it!)

Friday, June 6th
Pam: 1 mi easy run with pickups 
Christine: 5 easy miles at 9:10 pace

Saturday, June 7th
Pam: Ran the Asheville Half Marathon
Christine: 2 hours yard work

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  1. This week has been crazy for me too! Sounds like you fit everything in and even had time to enjoy the beautiful weather and friends. Have a great run today! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun