July 14, 2014

Road to Richmond: Training Begins

This week marks my first official week of Richmond Marathon training.  I have an 18 week plan that will take me to race day and I'm feeling very excited! I had a very solid run on Sunday (despite head and chest congestion) that was a great confidence booster. 
By some small miracle, I was able to reserve a hotel room at one of the race host hotels.  When I was initially looking at hotels, all of the race rates were unavailable and the hotels were also showing booked.  I did a quick search on Travelocity and miraculously found a room at the Omni which is really close to the starting line and also has a shuttle to the expo.  Score!  I expect that I may have a spectator crew at the race but if I don't, I wanted to be sure that I would be within walking distance (and a short walk) of the start and don't have to worry about driving to the race start.
I'm still working through my specific time goal for the race.  I'm wavering between a truly bold goal and one that is lofty but more attainable.  I'm leaning towards the latter.  For now, I have a solid training plan, some new sneaks, and hope and excitement in my heart that I hope will carry me until race day. 
Is anyone else running Richmond?  Marathon registration is available now until Sept 30th for $100 - still a great rate!


  1. Super excited for you Christine! I can't wait to hear what your goal is going to be...might be fun to go for that bold goal, but maybe have a plan B goal that is more attainable? Just my 2 cents :0)

  2. I've followed you through your training for MCM last year and was so proud of you when you finished. I'll be following along with you again as you train for Richmond! -M

  3. That's great! I know you're going to have a wonderful race! Happy training!

  4. So excited to follow your training! I'm kicking off my 16-week cycle for NYCM today too!

  5. Woohoo for the race hotel victory. I bet I spent hours and hours searching for my VA and SAV hotels. It is always a game of weighing price versus locale.