July 20, 2014

Weekly Roundup - July 20th

The weekends when the WRD girls get to be together are always fantastic!  After spending some time at the beach with friends, Mom and Dad came out to Chesapeake to spend a night with me before heading back to NC.  We enjoyed catching up, a really yummy lobster dinner, and brainstorming ideas for Dublin.  It's hard to believe that in two weeks we'll be prepping for our Rock 'n' Roll Dublin half marathon.  I find that when there's a fun trip that's part of a race, I'm much more likely to prepare a bit better from a running standpoint because I'm so darn excited. 

Sunday, July 13th
Pam:  11.5 miles, tough and sluggish long run!
Christine: 8.5 miles at 9:45 pace

Monday, July 14th
Pam: water aerobics class
Christine: Rest day (sick)

Tuesday, July 15th
Pam:  6 miles at 9:45 average pace
Christine: Rest day (sick)

Wednesday, July 16th
Pam:  35 minutes stationary bike, plank, situps
Christine: 4 miles at 9:01, 8:15, 8:01, 7:51 plus half mile cool down

Thursday, July 17th
Pam:  Without Limits track workout
Christine: 1 hour yard work, push-ups, sit ups

Friday, July 18th
Pam: 1 hour gym workout
Christine: 15 miles bike ride

Saturday, July 19th
Pam: 9.65 miles at 9:59 pace
Christine: 9.65 miles at 9:59 pace

Any fun plans for the coming week?


  1. Great job ladies! And your dinner looks amazing!!! Yum!!!

  2. More of the same for me next weekend - Cape Cod fun! I can't believe Dublin is so soon, so excited for you guys!

  3. So jealous cannot wait for tons of Dublin pictures.

  4. Those lobsters look pretty delicious!
    I can't wait to follow along while you're in Dublin! So exciting :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun