July 27, 2014

Weekly Roundup - July 27th

What a great week!  After last weeks less than stellar runs, it was important to get back on track despite summer heat and humidity still being ever present for outdoor runs!  I am still having some physical therapy for my leg and it is doing much better. And my amazing PT,  Jude, always puts me in the room with this picture on the wall because he knows it makes me happy!

This came in my email this week and of course it immediately was printed to take on our trip this Friday!

Dublin race information

 Now I can hardly contain my excitement knowing we will be in Dublin Saturday!  Packing has begun and figuring out how to fit three weeks worth of clothing, shoes and equipment into one checked piece of luggage is a treat.  Luckily, I am an under packer and if I need something, I guess I will figure something out.

Lulu is never happy when the packing begins
Workouts were definitely better this week and hopefully after a small taper Christine and I will be able to run well at the Dublin Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon August 4th.  Here is what we did to keep ourselves moving!

Sunday, July 20th
Pam: 9.65 miles at 9:45 pace
Christine: 9.65 miles at 9:45 pace

Monday, July 21st
Pam: 30 minutes elliptical, 750 meters rowing, stretching
Christine: 35 min yoga

Tuesday, July 22nd
Pam: 6 mile progression run, started at 10:00 and ended at 8:35 pace
Christine: 3.5 miles at 9:05 pace

Wednesday, July 23rd
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, leg weights, abs

Thursday, July 24th
Pam: WOL workout 6 X 600 at 7:32 average pace, total 3.5 miles
Christine: Unplanned rest day (worked a very long day and visited a friend's new born baby)

Friday, July 25th
Pam: 45 minutes elliptical, stretching
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, July 26th
Pam: 8 miles at 9:54 pace
Christine: 11 miles at 9:36 pace

Are you racing soon?


  1. Awesome! Sounds like the both of you are prepared and ready to rock! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Oh my goodness, Lulu is too cute! And Madison always gets nervous when she sees us packing too!

  3. Sounds like you are ready for some serious fun. My Thunder Paws always sits in my suitcase and then sits on it after I am done. I think she wants to travel with me just like your little Lulu.

  4. Three weeks is a long time! At least it's a warm time of year, so you're not trying to fit a bunch of heavy clothes that take up a lot of space. Have fun!

  5. Wow, Dublin is already this close?! I guess I missed a lot lately! How exciting. I wish I was going. :)

  6. Oh Lulu! So cute!! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!! How exciting!

  7. You've learned to packed like a champ. Welcome to my world:) -L will you be blogging while on vacation? -M
    (We are together this weekend)

  8. Aww Lulu is giving you that 'you're taking me with you right?' look! What a cutie!

  9. Good luck in Dublin! I'm still depressed over the fact that I won't be there and my name is on a big...uggh...oh well, maybe next year!

  10. Have so much fun on your trip! I'm so jealous of you ladies – I love Ireland! I'm an over-packer, so it's always hard for me to eliminate items in order to fit everything into one checked bag.