August 27, 2014

Boot camp at the beach!

If you follow us on Facebook or twitter, you know I spent early Saturday morning at the beach with several other ladies for a special book camp class.  Leaving my house, with very dark clouds in the sky, it was unlikely we would be able to have a class.  But we were fortunate and the rain held off so Mitzie and I could get our butts kicked by fitness trainer Rachael.

Serene setting, but not once Rachael got us going!

The class started with some easy jogging that got increasingly harder to get our blood pumping.  We then did some grape vines and lunges before the fun started!  We did several sets of exercises that were quite difficult for the old lady of the group. I don't spend alot of time doing squats and honestly, I should.  Sunday morning I was sore in my inner thigh area from some of the challenges of the boot camp class!

Can you tell it was windy?
The class lasted for 45 minutes and by the time we were doing abdominal work and planks, I thought my arms might fall off.  Mitzie and I had a great time whining and complaining to Rachael, but it was all in good fun.  I can't wait for the next beach class and hopefully the attendance will be much better.

Mitzie kept me laughing the whole time!
Thanks to Rachael for putting this class together.  I hope we will be doing one again soon!


  1. How fun! I wish I had a beach nearby to do boot camp classes (or just hang out and get a tan lol) :0)

  2. I wish I had a beach nearby, although the chances of me working out at the beach are slim! Looks beautiful.

  3. I bet it's so much harder to do on the sand. You probably worked stability muscles that you never knew you had!

  4. That looks like it would be a lot of fun. Great location for it. Perk of living at the beach.

  5. Aww I don't know how I missed this post! Thanks for sharing! :) I'm planning for the next class to be October 18th. Will you be in town?