August 19, 2014

The State of my Running

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my running lately.  Maybe it's because I'm on week 5 of marathon training.  Maybe it's on the heels of another half marathon completion.  Whatever the reason, it's been a good thing.  I've been spending more time with my training plan, more time looking at paces for my runs, and most importantly, more time on my workouts themselves.  Now don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean that I'm logging more hours at the just means I'm showing up!

Richmond is 13 weeks away and that has me a bit nervous.  My training hasn't been terribly strong so far but I also haven't been all that committed to it.  Until last week, I hadn't done a speed workout in 3-4 months!  My half marathons in Napa and Dublin were just for fun.  I haven't run a hard or PR attempt race since Shamrock and that's a LONG time for me!  I miss the burning desire for a PR.  I miss the intensity that I often wear on race day when I mean business.
Goofing off on a recent training run and a nod to Adam's military roots
I've been a little off my game this summer.  My paces haven't been what I would like and I forgot what it means to build up your endurance base. It's hard!  I'm having to work harder to run easy paces and remind myself that just because I used to run long runs at 8:45 pace in February doesn't mean I'm in any shape to run that pace now.  I know I'll get there again, and I'm working hard to be patient with myself as I adjust to new paces for marathon training and reacquaint myself with the lethargy of summer running.

And I would be kidding myself (and all of you) if I didn't confess that a new person (ok, guy) in my life has impacted my training....and mostly in very positive ways.  Lucky for me, my new beau (yes, he has a name and it's Adam) is also a runner, and a fast one to boot.  His easy runs are at 7:30 pace.  So it's safe to say that he probably won't be joining me on my long pace runs and I won't be joining him for his speed work, but it's amazing to have a companion for a 5 mile run after work.  And so far, he's proving to be an excellent cheerleader, having been on the sidelines at a 5k earlier this spring (where he ran me in the last couple hundred yards) and at the finish line of the Rock 'n' Roll Dublin half.
Enjoying the finish line festivities...and no we
didn't plan to match!
In the last two weeks, my training has been on an upswing so I'm taking that to heart and channeling that positive energy.  When I was lamenting a crummy long run on Sunday, a wise blogger friend reminded me of an important point.  Thank you, Jen, for this gem!

How do you get back on track after a training slump?


  1. Well aren't you two a cute couple!!
    Bottom line-it's just hard to run during the summer months!

  2. Thats great to have a training buddy. I miss not having anyone to run with. It's so nice having that championship. -L

  3. I'm happy that you're happy. The paces will come back soon enough- keep at it :-)

  4. So glad to hear that you're getting your mojo back! Btw, you are are absolutely adorable! :)

  5. First of all, I'm happy that you and Adam found each other! Very cool to have someone to share those five milers.

    Regarding finding the training mojo for another marathon, I think what helped me is that I had a chance to take a step back from the intensity of marathon training after Disney, run a couple of halfs in the Spring (PR'd both of them, by the way), and then have a completely blank race schedule until Chicago...which will be five months without any races by the time I toe the line at Chicago. As such, I don't have to do anything but get through the training, and even though I'm doing more pace work to improve my speed, there is no pressure to PR any race (until Chicago).

    I don't love the long runs while I'm running them (especially in the Florida Summer), but to be honest, I do enjoy the challenge of ramping up the mileage for a marathon (41 last week). Running 17 this past Saturday, 18 this coming Saturday, as well as a couple of 20 milers in the weeks to come, all in the intense Florida heat and humidity, help to build the character that Jen talks about...and it's that character that motivates me not just to run but also to live life to its fullest!

    Happy running!

  6. Aww you two are so cute together!!! Happy Running!!!

  7. I've actually let the fact that I'm not where I once was stop me from doing the running I know I should and want to do. It's great your finding your running mojo again. Between Adam (yay for you!), your mom and your many MANY readers, I have no doubt that you will have all the support you need and then some to get back to where you were and faster in no time! Keep up awesome work! :)

  8. I love that is so true! And you and your new beau look so cute together :0)

  9. Aggghhhhh! You are at my alma mater!!!! Go Monarchs!!!!! And congrats on the new beau! Super cute!

  10. You are still doing so well. Cut yourself some slack! And, yay for being blog official! LOL

  11. Sometimes we need a break from the intensity! You and Adam are a cute couple. I'm glad you found a fellow runner! :)

  12. I'm so honored that my words helped!! I've fallen in and out of running more times than I can count but it always cycles back through again. Resilience is the key to life, running and otherwise! Oh, and the new guy is adorable.