September 12, 2014

Blogs to love

For the Friday link up this week, the lovely ladies of DC, Mar at Marontherun, Cynthia at Yousignedupforwhat and Courtney at EatPrayRunDC  have suggested the topic of favorite blogs.   As bloggers, we both enjoy reading blogs and some of our very favorites are those written by internet people who have become our friends through racing.  We did not include the hosts blogs, since the links are provided above and you can now check out not just five, but eight blogs that we enjoy reading!

1.  Runners Guide to Walt Disney World  Megan and Krista, authors and running friends write a great blog that covers all aspects of running at Walt Disney World.  While the book is perfect to have at home for easy access when planning your race trip to WDW, the blog covers topics from training, hotels and beyond.  This is a must read for runners going to the most magical place on earth!

Post Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon with Megan

2.  Live, Run, Grow  We met Danielle at Disneyland last year when we were there for the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare challenge.  Having read each other's blogs for a long time, it was great to meet in person.  She is exactly as you would expect, with wit and wisdom in every post.  She too loves running, the beach and Cape Cod!

Marine Corps Marathon Pre race with Danielle (middle) and Lisa

3.  Lisa Runs for Cupcakes Another girl we met in California during the Dumbo Challenge weekend was Lisa.  She and Christine had hit it off through the internet and again, was just as we expected in person.  She totally tells it like it is on her blog, whether training is good or bad, and about life in general.  Her husband is an officer in the military and we appreciate all the sacrifices her family makes.  Oh and her little daughter Cora ran her first race last year and the photos were the cutest race photos we have ever seen!

4. My No-Guilt Life  Just typing the name of this blog made me giggle.  Patty is one of the funniest bloggers and if you are having a bad day, just jump on the internet and read her blog.  She is always upbeat, despite being a mother of four active children who keep her on her toes.  She runs Disney races and has worn some amazing costumes too.  Sorry, we had one photo with Patty and I can't locate it.  We met last year, where else but at Disneyland during the Dumbo Challenge weekend.

5.  Run, Stretch, Go  Cyanne's blog covers lots of subjects including running, recipes, healthy living and real life.  What do I mean by real life?  She works an incredibly demanding job, yet manages to keep a great life balance and attitude.  I find her blog very refreshing by not sugar coating things.  We met Cyanne during race retreat at WDW in January and she and Christine subsequently ran the Zooma Napa Valley race together in June and enjoyed a pretty sweet vacation in wine country afterwards!

We love finding new blogs to add to our reader so please tell us some of your favorites!


  1. It is so nice to finally meet bloggers in person after connecting with them on each other's blogs. -L

  2. Definitely a list of some amazing blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I included Cyanne's blog on my list as well. I love all of her recipes and food photos!

  4. Great list. A couple I've read and a couple I haven't, which means new reading. :-)

    He is hilarious.
    All these ladies have great blogs.

  6. This is such an honor. These women are AMAZING! Love you ladies :)

    I'd add Kathryn at Dancing to Running, Ashley at The Pavement Princess, Amanda at a Run to the Finish. All awesome women who are honest!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I realized I follow some people on Twitter (Danielle) but need to add their blogs to my feed. I see a reconciliation between Twitter/Feeder coming :)

  8. Love Lisa and Cyanne!! Great list the others are new to me :)

  9. Great list of blogs! It's always so great to meet people in real life, and you feel like you're already friends because of internet interactions :)