September 2, 2014

Killarney: Where to Eat

Finding good restaurants while traveling can truly make or break a day of activities and sightseeing. I don't know about you but when I get too hungry, bad things happen so I like to have a few ideas for meals. We were lucky to stumble on some great spots while visiting Killarney and benefited from some recommendations from our hotel staff and some shopkeepers in the downtown area. One of the surprising things we found about Killarney was the price of the dinners in the downtown area. Many of the restaurants had entrees in the 24-35 euro range which was a little more than we wanted to spend. 

The Laurels: Adam and I ended up spending every night at The Laurels pub to grab a pint after dinner. We liked the low key atmosphere, Irish staff, and locals vibe. It also had the cheapest pint of Guinness we found on the trip - 4 euros. But when it comes to food, Mom and Dad get the credit for discovering the restaurant side of this establishment. It had a great variety of traditional Irish pub fare with a few modern additions like smoked salmon salad, curry, and others. Mom highly recommends the curry, after having it for two consecutive nights. The fish and chips was also fabulous and their brown bread was the best we had during the trip. It's a relatively small dining room that also has some tables for large groups so it fills up fast.

Dyne: Adam and I ate here one night when we needed a change of pace, err taste, from Irish food. We stumbled on this after we headed down a side street after seeing some signs for restaurants. The relaxed, modern vibe and outdoor seating were enticing. The tables were made from old furniture-our table was an old school desk complete with ink well. For starters, I had a salad while Adam had some olives. We shared a pizza topped with prosciutto, Parmesan and rocket, aka arugula salad. It was delicious and my only regret was that we didn't order a second pizza since we didn't have a terribly filling lunch that day. They also had pasta, sandwiches, and a nice wine and craft beer selection. The prices were very reasonable as well. 

Murphy's Ice Cream: If you need a sweet fix, head to Murphy's for delicious homemade ice cream with some unique flavors. I don't think I've ever seen gin or brown bread flavored ice cream in the states! After dinner, the line was always out the door so be prepared to wait for your yummy treat. The staff was very cheerful and eager to offer you samples. We were given the gin ice cream plus a lemon sorbet as a chaser; and surprisingly both were pretty good, although there will have to be a major shortage of other flavors for me to pick gin ice cream! Note that there are also Murphy's shops in Dublin and Dingle.

Keane's: We ate at this traditional Irish restaurant on our first night in Killarney because it was a stone's throw from our hotel. The food and service were excellent and we would definitely recommend it. Mom and I had a special of cod with vegetables and tomato sauce while the boys had Irish stew. We also had great desserts. Mom had Bailey's cheesecake and I had a trio of petite desserts with the cheesecake, chocolate and orange layers, and a berry sorbet. We noticed that the bar area was mostly locals so this was a safe bet. 

Spar: While this isn't anything fancy, it was the perfect place to pick up sandwiches and snacks for our day of hiking in Killarney National Park. It also opened at 8:00 AM so it was easy to pick up food early for the day. 

How do you choose restaurants in a foreign city?


  1. I don't think we ate at any of those restaurants while we were there, but they all sounds good. And that icecream I bet was delicious. I love trying unique flavors. -L

  2. Yum! I love Fish n' Chips, and that Bailey's cheesecake sounds so good! I love finding restaurants to try while on vacation!

  3. I should not have read this before eating lunch- now I'm starving! It all looks so delicious!