September 9, 2014

Manitoba Harvest Hemp PRO70 review

Disclosure: As part of my affiliation with Fit Approach, I was provided with samples of protein powder to review on our blog.  As always, the opinions stated here are my own.

When returning home from my log runs, the first thing I do is make myself a protein shake.  Usually it is combined with milk and strawberries, but a little or alot of ice cream has made it's way into the blender too.  When offered the opportunity to try a new brand of protein powder, Manitoba Harvest Hemp POR70 , I immediately said yes.  

The samples arrived a few weeks later and the first one I tried was the vanilla.  Only four ingredients make up these protein powders and this one has hemp protein concentrate, organic coconut sugar, vanilla flavor and natural plant extract. The chocolate has just one different ingredient, and is the addition of organic fair trade cocoa powder in place of the vanilla powder.  So far so good. 

These powders dissolve easily so need to pull out your blender.  I shook up some milk and the powder and it was ready to drink.  After trying both flavors, I am definitely partial to the chocolate.  The vanilla had an earthy taste and it would probably be something I would like if I added some fruit.  The protein content is great with 15 grams in the vanilla and 14 grams in the chocolate.  If you are in a pinch and need fuel fast, this can be ready in approximately 12 seconds!  Yes, I timed making my second shake!

Add milk, Hemp Pro70 and shake!

If you are looking for a new refueling drink after your hard workouts, give this a try.  And best of all, here is coupon code for you to order the vanilla or chocolate PRO70 protein powder from Manitoba Harvest: sweatpinkpro70

Do you drink protein shakes?  



  1. Sounds great! I'm not a huge protein shake person. I usually just drink chocolate milk instead! ;-)

  2. I don't normally drink protein shakes. I time my runs so when I get back i am ready for a meal instead of just a shake. Although I probably should to get more protein. I have never heard of this kind of shake. -L

  3. I've never been big on shakes...I'm not even sure why! Maybe I need to try this out.

  4. I really like protein shakes! I drink one almost every morning, it's a vegan protein. I've never heard of this kind of shake though. Shakes are really tasty after a hot run or when I just don't want to stomach food ;).

  5. I love my protein shakes; they are a very easy breakfast to go. I prefer chocolate above all flavors, and I also like to experiment by adding protein powder to my baking. Am excited to try my Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 samples - as they are vegan. ~DB