September 11, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll VA Beach VIP Experience

Disclaimer: As Rock 'n' Bloggers, we were provided with two wristbands to participate in the VIP events.  All opinions in this post are our own.

In the last few months, you've probably noticed that Rock 'n' Roll has added several new events and extras to their race weekends.  They started with Running Festivals in certain locations (including Virginia Beach) and then added on a VIP experience and even childcare options!  When we were offered an opportunity to check out the VIP experience, of course we immediately jumped on board.  This was an incredibly gracious offer from Rock 'n' Roll and we were really excited about it. 

The VIP experience from the 2014 Virginia Beach race weekend had two options.

VIP Race Day: $70
* Reserved VIP parking close to the start line
* Private indoor restrooms
* Private gear check
* VIP start line area inside the VA Beach Convention Center (6-7 AM)
* Pre-race continental breakfast
*Post-race catered brunch buffet inside RockFish Boardwalk Bar and Grill (7AM-noon)
*Post-race bar with Michelob Ultra and mimosas
* VIP shuttles from the start to the finish for spectators who purchase VIP race day; and return shuttles for all VIPs back to the start line
Coffee station at pre-race breakfast

Pre-race breakfast
Another view of the breakfast spread
We loved meeting Abby…in the AC!
Gear Check was really simple
VIP Race Day and Post-Race Package: $150
* All benefits from the Race Day package
* Front and backstage viewing area for the post-race concert on the beach
* Dinner buffet with Michelob Ultra and Wine on the beach before the post-race concert
Awesome views from the deck at the post-race brunch
onto the beach

Great assortment of food and beverages!

Our thoughts:
* The VIP parking was a fantastic benefit and worth the cost of the package.  No need to stress about where to park and there were people directing you where to go.  Our car was next to the race start!
* The pre-race breakfast had a fabulous variety of foods, including a spread of beautiful fresh fruit. 
* The air-conditioned pre-race breakfast and stretching area was fantastic since race morning was brutally humid. 
* The pre-race area in the convention center was well-marked and very easily accessible from the starting line area.  In other words, you didn't have to walk terribly far to get in and out.
* Real bathrooms before a race?  Pretty much priceless in my book!
* Picking up the bag after the race outside of the post-race restaurant was very convenient and simple.
* Post-race breakfast buffet was divine!  I think we ate our weight in eggs, bacon, and potatoes. 
* We were both too hot to enjoy post-race libations but the mimosas looked pretty delicious!
* In both the pre- and post-race areas, there was a nice Rock 'n' Roll backdrop for photos.  For some unknown reason, we did not take advantage of this!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty great deal at a hot and humid race!

    1. We will pay for this in the future. It was a really high value for what you got in my humble opinion!

  2. What a great time! We had been invited to experience the VIP perks the last several years and our favorite part was the post race brunch at Rockfish!

    I think we were too nervous to really eat much at the pre-race breakfast but being able to use the real bathrooms was definitely a nice perk!

    1. Yes, the brunch at Rockfish was fantastic. I ate tons of bacon....literally stuffed myself with all the goodies!

  3. Sounds like the VIP experience was well organized and had a lot of great perks! Because of Preston's volunteer assignment, we were able to park in the VIP area at the start line, and that alone would have been well worth the money instead of having to park at the amphitheater and take the shuttle. Hassle free parking, especially the day of a big race, is definitely the way to go!

    1. Kathryn, We will definitely pay for this in the future. It reminds us a little bit of race retreat at Disney races. We paid for that Marathon weekend last year, and while pricey, it was great for the Dopey Challenge.

  4. That sounds like an awesome VIP experience!!

    1. We were very fortunate Lauren. Next time we would definitely pay for this...well worth every penny!

  5. sounds like a great experience. so cool you guys got to check it all out!

  6. Sounds like a really great experience!!

  7. Wow! That sounds amazing! I never splurge on things like that, but maybe I should start!!

    1. Jamie we paid for race retreat for Dopey Challenge and it was worth it. This we would pay for in the future, the parking alone was amazing since you did not worry about shuttles etc.

  8. Yes, the AC was by far my favorite part of being a VIP. It was so HOT and humid that day.

    1. Welcome to Virginia Beach Abby. Unfortunately, that race has a history of always being hot and humid.....but the beach and experience make it worth it!

  9. Sounds like a really great experience and worth the cost. I'll have to remember that when I finally get to run that race. RnR at the beach? Hard to beat

  10. Wow, sounds pretty cool, although I'm not sure I would spend the money. And Abby is way taller than I expected!!