September 14, 2014

Weekly Roundup: Sept 14th

Another week passed and now that we are well into September, it is time for the weather to cool down.  We are both anxious for long runs without heat and humidity. Yesterday's run was unbelievably humid and I had to wring out my socks after my 16 miles pounding the pavement. Gross right? In the meantime, lots of fall races are fast approaching for both of us.  Our fingers, toes and every other body part are crossed with hope that we will not be racing in 80 degree weather.  At the moment, we are finalizing our costumes for Tower of Terror, re purposing some items and adding some new things.  It is hard to believe that we will be back in Florida at Walt Disney World in only 19 days.  Friday was the big day for yours truly to register for the Boston Marathon and now I await my acceptance from them. Every entry is checked for proof of time through a race website so this definitely requires alot of man power.  My email inbox is being checked frequently right now!

With marathons for both of us on the horizon, our mileage is increasing weekly.  Yesterday's run was a good one, but unfortunately I learned a hard lesson by not hydrating enough immediately afterwards.  I had an accident with my water bottles and when I returned to my car, they had leaked and nothing was left for my post run ride home.   I also had to stop at the store for ice for my post run ice bath.  Next time I will go in the gas station or Starbucks near our parking spot and buy something.  Better yet, I will make sure to seal my bottles so my water is available immediately!
How was your week?  Did you try anything new or have any calamities like me?

Sunday, Sept 7th
Pam: 14 mile run 10:10 pace
Christine: 15 mi at 9:44 pace

Monday, Sept 8th
Pam: 1 mile walk, stretching
Christine: Rest day

Tuesday, Sept 9th
Pam: ran 6.2 miles, varying speeds
Christine: speed work - 6x800 at 3:30 goal pace with 90 sec RI, 1 mile w/u, 0.5 mi c/d

Wednesday, Sept 10th
Pam: walked 30 minutes, weights, stretching
Christine: 30 min bike, 5 min ab workout, stretching

Thursday, Sept 11th
Pam: 9 holes golf
Christine: 3 miles at 8:25 pace

Friday, Sept 12th
Pam: 15 minutes stationary bike, weights, stretching
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, Sept 13th
Pam: 16 miles at 10:45 pace
Christine: 11.5 miles at 9:52 pace


  1. Sorry to hear about your water bottle! Had no running calamities, but I had a greek yogurt explosion in my work bag this past week. PS - did you see Richmond revealed the blankets this week? They look nice!

  2. Great workouts ladies. You are going to be so ready for these workouts.

  3. wow- what a strong week for both of y'all. you both are going to just demolish these races!

  4. Wow, I can't believe only 19 days till TOT! Can't wait to see what the two of you come up with as far as costumes!

    Even though I run with a handheld bottle, I always have an extra bottle of water waiting for me in my car! -M