September 7, 2014

Weekly Roundup: Sept 7th

We missed last weeks recap since we were a little busy having a girls weekend and running Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach!  While the weather could have been better race morning (it was the hottest and most humid in the 14 year history of the race!) we had fun and the beach time after the race was glorious!  This summer seems to have dragged on forever, and the cooler temperatures and lack of humidity this fall will be a welcome change.  I am tired of dragging myself outdoors for runs when it is stifling hot.  Anyone else feel the same way?

The last few weeks have given both Christine and me some grief during our training.  And this article from the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday resonated with me as Thursday I could not finish the mileage on my training plan.  Lack of time and apathy kept me from running my last 3 miles.  Keeping busy with other things have kept me distracted from my less than stellar training.  Everyone has peaks and valleys and I am optimistic that we both will get our mojo for running back very soon.
In other news,  it is less than 4 weeks until Tower of Terror race weekend at Walt Disney World and this will be our first time to experience this race.  We expect another hot one, but can't wait to see running friends and race through Hollywood Studios to capture that gorgeous race medal. We haven't quite figured out our race outfits, but I have a few ideas.

Now only 26 days!

In the meantime, it is time for 14 miles with my running friend Christie. How was your week?  Do you every have trouble with motivation?  Here's the recap of our last couple weeks:

Sunday, Aug 24th
Pam: 10 mile long run at 9:46 average pace
Christine: 4 mile walk on the beach, stretching

Monday, Aug 25th
Pam:  30 minutes elliptical, stretching
Christine: 30 min Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, 5 min ab workout, lots of stretching

Tuesday, Aug 26th
Pam: 4.5 miles running, average pace 9:10
Christine: Rest day

Wednesday, Aug 27th
Pam: 35 minutes elliptical, stretching
Christine: 30 min circuit workout, 5 min ab workout

Thursday, Aug 28th
Pam: WOL workout at track. 4 miles with paces from easy to hard
Christine: 4.5 mi run at 8:55 pace

Friday, Aug 29th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, Aug 30th
Pam: 30 min easy run
Christine: 30 min easy run

Sunday, Aug 31st
Pam: Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Relay (7.9 mi)
Christine: Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon

Monday, Sept 1st
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Tuesday, Sept 2nd
Pam: ran 6 miles
Christine: 30 min bike ride, push-ups, abs

Wednesday, Sept 3rd
Pam: 35 minutes stationary bike, stretching
Christine: 30 min circuit training, 5 min ab workout

Thursday, Sept 4th
Pam: golf 9 holes
Christine: 5 miles, 4 at tempo pace

Friday, Sept 5th
Pam: WOL workout 7 X 400 at 7:20 pace total 4 miles, 18 holes golf
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, Sept 6th
Pam: 30 minutes stationary bike, stretching
Christine: Rest day


  1. Thank you for sharing the WSJ article - it was great to read after this weeks run. I had a 14 miler, ran it, walked it, and luckily I had my good friend running it with me. Hopefully this week will be a better week :)

    1. Thanks Jenny. I thought that article was really good!

  2. Glad you both had great weekend long runs after a few tough weeks.

    1. Thanks Abby. Obviously we are too. I must admit, my long run today was tough at the end.....last weeks race really wore me out despite only running 8 miles.

  3. Thanks for sharing that article. I've definitely been hating the heat lately as well. I never thought I would be excited to throw on a pair of running tights and run in fall/winter temps.

  4. I'm with you on the heat...ugh. Sorry it's been so rough lately, but y'all have been doing a great job!

  5. Great article - thanks for sharing! And I am totally with you on the heat/humidity. I am ready for some stronger outdoor running in cooler temps.