September 28, 2014

Weekly Roundup September 28th

The last two weeks have been great weeks for us.  I am convinced that there is a direct correlation between the cooler temperatures and my performance and attitude about running!  And hearing this morning's news of a new men's marathon world record at the Berlin marathon was incredible.  I thought a lot about the new record on my long run and wondered if we will ever see a 1-something marathon.

Each fall, Virginia Beach has one of its biggest festivals, the Neptune Festival.  It's considered a locals take back of the beach weekend since most of the tourists have gone home by now.  Since it was a perfect fall day yesterday, I spent some time down at the beach at the art show, and the parade.  No festival is complete without a local parade, right?  We were even able to see some of the Regatta while we were on the Boardwalk.  It was a great morning and I love when activities like this are free!  We opted out of viewing the sandcastles since they now charge to see them - boo! 

With marathon training well underway, I've been paying closer attention to my nutrition so I have been trying different smoothies after my long run.  I'll be sharing more on this later this week but here's a sneak peek of what went into today's concoction!

Sunday, September 21st 
Pam: 20 mile long run 10:32 average pace
Christine: Long walk

Monday, September 22nd
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 35 min elliptical, weights, abs

Tuesday, September 23rd
Pam: 6.2 miles, 7 minutes easy, 3 race pace for entire run
Christine: 6 mi tempo progression run, stretching

Wednesday, September 24th
Pam: 25 minutes bike, weights, stretching
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, September 25th
Pam: 5 mile tempo run, 1 easy warmup, 4 at 8:35 pace
Christine: Unplanned rest day (happy hour sounded more fun!)

Friday, September 26th
Pam: Stationary bike 30 minutes, weights
Christine: 3.5 mi hill work with 0.5 mile cool down

Saturday, September 27th
Pam: 14 mile long run at 10:41 pace
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, push-ups, abs, stretching 


  1. I totally believe the heat can curb your enthusiasm for running. I have the same problem with the cold. This summer seemed hotter than usual in a lot of places, too, so I get it. The good thing is the weather cycles, so we're not stuck forever! Enjoy the fall!

  2. I am glad y'all have had such great weeks of training lately! I agree weather is such a big factor in run quality. Regarding the new marathon record, I was in shock when I saw - so impressive!

  3. Great job ladies! And that record was just a few seconds under my half marathon time! AMAZING and so crazy at the same time lol! I can't imagine running that fast!!!

  4. So glad the cooler temps have made for better training runs. I've been really into protein smoothie making recently too!