October 9, 2014

2014 Tower of Terror 10 Miler Race Recap

The Tower of Terror 10 mile race lived up to all of our expectations…and then some!  There were many aspects of it that made it "just another race" for us, but there were others that made it a fun and unique experience.  I loved getting to celebrate a Birthday at this race weekend and a new race is always a fun time!  So since most race recaps have a similar flavor, I wanted to focus on the key points of the race, so here we go!
Heading out for the race!
Transportation: We got on a bus at around 7:15 and were excited to run into three of the lovely DisBroads, Suzanne, Kristen, and Julie.  They were dressed up in GhostBusters attire and looked fabulous!!  It's always fun to have friends to connect with at these race weekends and seeing these ladies made the bus ride really fun!  We waited a bit until the bus left (probably to fill it) and we got over to the starting line area around 7:45 or so.
With DisBroad Julie, err GhostBuster Ray
Pre-race: The pre-race area was just outside of Hollywood Studios in a parking lot and was very similar to other races.  The DJ kept the crowd going and of course announcers, Rudy and Carissa, were entertaining as always.  One disappointment was at the fact that there weren't any characters out for pre-race photos.  There was a giant Hollywood Hotel registry that you could sign and there were ToT race themed backdrops for photos.  The lines were long for both so we didn't hang around for either.
Waiting to head to the corrals
Starting Line: Like all Disney races, the race started with fireworks which were fantastic!  The first corral even had some fire that was shooting up from the starting line banner - now that was cool!  We started in corral C and didn't have any issues with crowding.  Since we wanted to run a strong race, we started at the front of the corral, a first for us!
The announcer area was outfitted with a front desk…not the
best photo but the lighting was tough!
Getting ready to enter the fifth dimension!
The Course: We had heard a lot of negative things about the course going into the race so our expectations were managed.  While you only hit one park, Hollywood Studios, and that's very close to the finish, I wasn't disappointed by the course.  While you were on Osceola Parkway, there was lots of entertainment from characters to DJs to cool projection lights to some spooks (like a spider hanging from an overpass).  There was one section that included a double back on the same roads (which included a curvy on/off ramp) and while I didn't love this, I didn't realize it was the same section of road until after it was almost over. We didn't have any issues with course crowding but we noticed that the course was significantly more crowded behind us, when we were on the home stretch on Osceola Parkway.

The Trail: The trail into the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex was definitely a fun diversion and we didn't have any issues with the terrain or the lighting.  Granted it had recently rained, so there weren't any issues with dust. In fact, we thought it was a great break for our legs and the fog, villains, and lighting effects added to the "spook factor" of the race!

The Characters: Since Tower of Terror is a villains-themed race, they dominate the race course.  We didn't stop for any but they were certainly fun to see as we ran by!  Along the way, we saw the following: Jafar, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts, Jack Skeleton, Hyenas from The Lion King, Wicked Witch from Snow White, Grave Diggers, Ghosts from Haunted Mansion, and Facilier.

The Swag: Like all Disney races, there was some swag involved.  Of course, we got a participant tech shirt and we loved this year's design!  Not only did they have women's cut shirts (winning!), but the shirt glows in the dark.  In our bags, we also received Clif Shot Bloks, which made me very excited since I enjoy those!  And of course after the race, there was the normal snack box and we actually thought this one was pretty good!

Post-race snack box with Goldfish crackers, mini peanut butter Clif bar,
fruit snacks tortilla chips and veggie cheese, and chocolate covered cranberries
Results: We both finished in 1:30.55 and considering we spent lots of time in the parks leading up to the race, we were thrilled with this time.

Final Thoughts: We really loved this race!  The unique distance and fun theming made it fabulous.  And we have some very positive thoughts on the after party that we'll share in a future post.  One of the main drawbacks to this race is that it doesn't count toward the Coast to Coast Challenge.  Overall, the smaller size and nighttime start made this race very different from other runDisney events.  Given the chance, we would certainly go back and run it again!

Did you run ToT this year? What did you think?


  1. Sounds like soooo much fun!!! Your costumes were so great!!!

    1. Thanks Mindy....we always enjoy putting together costumes for the runDisney races!

  2. So glad you guys enjoyed this race! The year I did it the humidity was BEYOND brutal and all I remember was being miserable!

    1. Thank Danielle. We really got lucky with the weather!

  3. Sounds like great time. My sister really enjoyed it too. I wish I could've did it. I heard that it's not going to happen next year. The post race box looks better than the other boxes in past races. -L

  4. I agree, that post race snack box was the best i've got so far! I loved that they had different flavored cliff bars in each box ( I had a box earlier that day too). Congrats Ladies on such a strong race!

  5. I have never run a nighttime race. sounds very cool.

  6. TOT is such a great race! So sad it isn't on the schedule for next year!

  7. I'm glad you both had such a good time and enjoyed the race. Love the picture of you two and Julie on the bus! I thought of you that evening and was so relieved when the rain let up a few hours before the start. The mini cold front we had was an added bonus, no doubt!! How sad they won't be doing it next year... I hope they bring it back or find something equally fun to replace it. I was really looking forward to running it one day!

  8. This sounds like such a fun race! Great job, ladies!

  9. While I was at Disney that weekend, I didn't have a bib so I had to sit it out. I did decide to do it next year for sure, but now it sounds like it won't be happening next year! Great recap and I'm glad you both had such a fun race!

    1. April - I saw that they weren't doing it and I was so bummed! Was so hoping to do this one with my Halloween loving kid. Sigh. Oh well.