October 17, 2014

Friday Five - Marathon Jams

I am always looking for new music so I was excited to see that the gals of the DC trifecta chose running songs as this week's Friday Five topic. Since I'm less than a month away from my next marathon, I figured I would share the songs that were my anthems for my past races and one that is a new jam.

1. Thinking about You, by Calvin Harris featuring Ayah Marar: This was my anthem for Marine Corps Marathon.  I listened to it on repeat for the last few miles...or at least I think I did...I'm not sure if there were many coherent thoughts over those last few miles!

2. Beautiful techno remix by Christina Aguilera: This was my training jam for Marine Corps.  I never really liked the original version of this song, but I could get on board with the techno version.  It's a good beat and a good message for running!

3. Call on Me, Ministry of Sound Remix by Eric Prydz: I first heard this song on the streets of London (literally) in the mid-2000s.  And ever since, it's been on my workout playlist.  It was the song that got me across the finish line for my first half marathon and became one of my jams during the final leg of the Dopey Challenge during last year's Walt Disney World Marathon.

4. Panama by Van Halen: Like my girl Kathryn, this one is a staple on my playlist.  I vividly remember hearing it around mile 6 or 7 during Marine Corps and feeling SO GOOD at that moment.  Whenever this song comes on, I'm able to channel that moment.  Music really is a powerful thing I tell ya!

5. Alive by Krewella: This has become my Richmond Marathon training song.  My buddy Kass originally recommended this song a while back when I was looking for some new music.  Not only do I love this song, but every time I hear it, I think of her and her speediness.  So that's some pretty good motivation if you ask me!

Thanks again for hosting another awesome Friday Five, Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney!  As I'm looking to complete my Richmond playlist, I would love some song suggestions that get you pumped!


  1. Panama is a great song!!! Love it!

  2. I'm going to have to look into some of these. Remixes are often great for training.

  3. I didnt didn't know that the Beautiful song was made into a remix. I never liked the original either. -L

    1. Just looked up the remix and it's AWESOME. So fun! Adding it!

  4. So happy to see that Panama is still on your playlist. You have such a great memory from MCM with that song. I hope you never forget that memory!

  5. These are all new for me except for Panama...it's not on my playlist, but I do know the song :)

  6. I'm needing marathon music for NYCM! I will check these out- except for Krewella. I've got that already! ;)

  7. Oh man, pretty much any song Calvin Harris is on pumps me up. He knows how to work a good jam :-)

  8. I love "Call On Me", too! :) And I agree with Lindsey - pretty much any Calvin Harris will do!

  9. Great songs and some new ones I have not heard of and will have to check out.
    Right now I am obsessed with-
    DJ Khalid - All I Do is Win
    Drake - Started from the Bottom
    Beyonce -XO
    Maroon 5 - Love Somebody
    Aloe Blacc - The Man