October 12, 2014

Weekly Roundup: October 12th

Thank goodness for fall weather and race season.  We have missed you so much while dealing with the heat and humidity during a very long summer! This morning I am flying back to Wilmington and Christine will be out running her 20 mile marathon training run. Many of our friends will be racing at the Chicago Marathon, the BAA Half Marathon, and the Army 10 miler in DC.  If you're racing today, let us know how it went! As for our week, we raced last Saturday night at Walt Disney World and now we are back to marathon training and tapering.
Hard to believe we were in warm Disney a week ago!
Not every run is fast…sometimes you just have to get it done!
Sunday, September 28th
Pam: 9 holes golf
Christine: 18 miles at 9:49 pace

Monday, September 29th
Pam: 18 holes golf
Christine: Rest day

Tuesday, September 30th
Pam: 4 mile run
Christine: 4 mile run at 8:40 pace

Wednesday, October 1st 
Pam: 15 minutes elliptical, 15 stationary bike, weights, Abs
Christine: 30 min bike ride, abs, weights

Thursday, October 2nd
Pam: 3 mile run average pace 9:17
Christine: 5.7 mile run at 8:50 pace

Friday, October 3rd
Pam:  Travel day
Christine: Travel day

Saturday, October 4th
Pam: raced Tower of Terror 10 miler at WDW, average pace 9:06
Christine:  raced Tower of Terror 10 miler at WDW, average pace 9:06

Sunday, October 5th
Pam: walked 5 mile around Epcot
Christine: walked 5 miles around Epcot

Monday, October 6th
Pam: rode stationary bike 20 minutes, weights, stretching
Christine: 35 min bike ride, push-ups, abs, stretching

Tuesday, October 7th
Pam: Ran 4 miles easy, average pace 9:30
Christine: 6.2 miles at 9:15 pace

Wednesday, October, 8th
Pam:  Elliptical 30 minutes, weights, stretching
Christine: 1 hour yard work, stretching 

Thursday, October 9th
Pam: Ran 5 miles, 1 mile warm up followed by 4 mile hill workout, average pace 9:40
Christine: Rest day

Friday, October 10th
Pam: stationary bike 30 minutes, weights
Christine: 5.5 miles, 1 mile warm-up, 3.5 miles hills, 1 mile cool down

Saturday, October 11th
Pam:  16 mile long run, average pace 10:16
Christine: 1 hour walk, push-ups


  1. Looks like an awesome week! Good luck on your training runs. I'm still waiting for gorgeous fall to arrive down here in Florida!

    1. You may have to wait a long time April!

  2. Wow, 5 miles in Epcot. I should have worn my watch to see how far we walked in the parks. Have a great week ladies! -M

  3. You girls are always so wonderful about getting in your workouts.

    1. Abby, I think I am scared to miss them. At my age, I feel like fitness can be lost so quickly....I know that rationale is nuts!

  4. Awesome job on the workouts! You guys are always knocking them out of the park :)

  5. Silly Pam and Christine - your "not very fast sometimes you have to get it done" pace is my "wow, I just nailed a 10K PR" pace;). Great job on the week!!

  6. Great job on your workouts! Love that park mileage...it's the best kind in my book! :)