November 6, 2014

Dreaming of an International Marathon

The conversation went something like this...
Me: Do you think you'll ever run another marathon?
The Boy: I dunno.
Me: By the way, what was your marathon time?
The Boy: I don't remember.
Me: (Sitting up sharply) Ok, Paul Ryan. Come on!  You know your time. Tell me!
The Boy: I think it was 3:31 or something like that.
Me: (Jaw drops)  Dude, if you actually trained you could qualify for Boston.
The Boy: Hmm maybe. 2015 is closed right? (Long pause) Maybe 2016...

And then about 10 minutes later...
The Boy: Would you ever want to run a marathon with me?  Maybe an international race?
Me: (Nearly jumping out of my seat) Heck yes, that would be so fun! 

And just like that, the brainstorming began.  I swore off marathons for 2015.  I just want a bit of a break to focus on other things and maybe improve my time at some shorter distances before I jump back into endurance training again.  I never guessed in a million years that the boy would want to run a marathon with me.  It never even occurred to me to ask.  But now that the topic is on the table, I figured a little dreaming could be fun.  Since many of the major marathons are lottery-based (or have qualifying times that I couldn't dream of achieving), that creates a challenge for long-term planning.  And also, while running a marathon together would be such a great accomplishment, not to mention I would l-o-v-e to have a training buddy, a marathon is a big undertaking as part of an international trip.

My Top 5 International Marathons
1. London Marathon: With an awesome course and being one of my favorite European cities, this one is an easy pick. The drawback - it's a lottery so would be difficult for planning purposes.

2. Paris Marathon: Looks like an incredible course and you get to run past all of the big spots.  It starts on the Champs and ends near the Arc de Triomphe.  What more could you want??

3. Rome Marathon: Run thru a legendary European city? No brainer here.

4. Great Wall Marathon: I used to say that if I ever ran a marathon, it would be the Great Wall race.  Well, clearly that promise hasn't held true.  While it's an incredibly challenging course, it intrigues me.

5. Tahiti Moorea Marathon: Running in paradise sounds pretty amazing.  Not to mention the fact that you can recover by plopping down in a lounge chair for a nap and indulging in some fruity drinks.

Other International Races of Interest
Rock 'n' Roll Lisbon Half Marathon
La Grande Classique (Paris to Versailles)

What's your dream international race?


  1. Sorry to ask and maybe you have mentioned it before, but is this "boy" the boyfriend? If so, that is so cool that you found yourself a runner. ( I may be a little behind on this I may be in the minority here, but I have no desire to run an international race at this time ( maybe Canada..haha). -M

  2. London, Paris, and Rome are my top picks!!!

  3. How exciting that he wants to run a marathon with you! If only race lotteries didn't make planning so difficult. That's one of the things I don't like about some races since I'm so OCD with my planning.

  4. Rome, Paris & London are all on my list! The Great Wall Marathon looks/ sounds amazing, but I can't even begin to imagine how hard that is!

  5. Not NEARLY as exciting as these destinations, but there is always the California International Marathon (Sacramento)!!!! :-)

  6. Hahaha, it's funny that you're mentioning this. This is something we've been talking about, too! I'm DYING to run the London Marathon -- I studied abroad in England in college, and would love nothing more than to go back and re-experience the city in a marathon! We've been talking about the Venice, Dublin, and Madrid marathons, too...there's just so many to choose from. :-D

  7. All great international choices! And let me tell you, while Great Wall would be amazing, walking (read: hiking) on its ruins there for 7 miles knocked me on my ass for days. I can't even imagine 26.2!

  8. London, Paris, and Rome would be my top choices too.

  9. I really want to do the Madrid marathon. My best friend lives in Spain. She's a runner too. We are planning on doing it together in the future!

  10. Sooo fun! I would love to run Paris and London! I've never hard of the Tahiti Marathon - that sounds great!!

  11. This is so exciting! My husband has run 2 5ks with me and that's all he wants to do. Jealous you have a marathon buddy! And also excited to hear which one you pick!

  12. Greece