November 23, 2014

Weekly Roundup - November 23rd

The week after a big race is always an interesting one for me. I was very sore after Richmond and still processing my emotions about the race day that didn't exactly go according to plan. And not directly related to that is the fact that it will be a while before I start training for another race, so I've been indulging in a glorious festival of laziness. TV on the couch after work? Why not! Enjoying a delicious glass of wine while cooking dinner? You betcha! It's been fabulous. I've been able to enjoy my evenings in a way that I haven't in a long time. So really, this post serves no real purpose for me because I didn't workout once this week. Yup, and it was everything I thought it could be.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I am grateful to have a little extra time for preparation. And a little time for planning for Christmas as well. Each year, the city of Norfolk hosts a grand illumination that's on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I had never been before but Adam and I decided it would be fun this year.  We took the ferry into the city to alleviate parking challenges and that turned out to be entertainment in itself. The grand illumination starts at 7:00 with a lighting of all of the buildings in the city and then follows with a parade. And like all good holiday parades, it ends with the big man in the red suit. It was a great night and definitely put me in the holiday spirit! 

And Mom had a pretty great week of workouts while I "watched" from the sofa! 

Sunday, November 16th
Pam: Rest day

Monday, November 17th
Pam: Rest day

Tuesday, November 18th
Pam: Rest day

Wednesday, November 19th
Pam: 10 min. stationary bike, 20 min. elliptical, weights

Thursday, November 20th
Pam: WOL track workout totaling 5.25 miles

Friday, November 21st
Pam: 30 min elliptical

Saturday, November 22nd
Pam: 8 miles at 9:40 pace

How are you getting ready for the holidays this year?


  1. You ran a marathon and totally deserve the rest! Better to take the extra time off and recover than to jump right back into workouts. Plus with the holidays coming up there's just a lot to do. I agree there's more time to prepare for Thanksgiving this year because it's late but it seems like there's not many weeks between turkey day and Christmas so much less shopping time there! Hope you have a good week!

  2. I'm not getting ready for the holidays! We've ordered food (as usual) for Thanksgiving, not sure if we're doing anything else that day. Since we'll be traveling on Christmas and racing between Christmas and New Year's, not really sure what we'e going to do. Will try to get to our favorite activities, but recovery from Richmond, training (and work) will keep us pretty busy. Glad you had fun, nice pix!

  3. I sat around all week too after doing a 10K last Saturday and a half on Sunday. With the holiday indulgences approaching, it's time to stop doing that. The lights look really pretty!

  4. Post marathon you need that break!

  5. Glad you are taking some time to relax. I had no idea that the illumination parade was that big! We were heading back from the theaters and tried to park at our hotel - the policeman would not let us (although the hotel said we would not have an issue getting back into the hotel).

  6. You know what? I've finally come to terms that it is OK to rest! Enjoy it!!