November 9, 2014

Weekly Roundup: November 9th

It's hard to believe that Richmond Marathon is less than a week away!  It's starting to become a major focal point on my days, which can only mean one thing - race day is almost here!  Nothing notable happened this week, but here are a few things that come to mind:
- Made a yummy baked pumpkin pasta.  It consisted of pasta, pumpkin pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese.  I wish it was more complex!

- The daylight savings time change of the "fall back" variety usually doesn't mess with me that much but my sleep schedule has been totally whack this week.
- I organized some of my mementos from Dublin into a nifty frame/shadowbox. I hate that all of my ticket stubs and tourist memorabilia are usually in a box somewhere!

- Flu shots are a the arm.  Seriously my arm hurt for at least 3 days after getting that thing!
- I voted...and hope you did too!

- Got one of the best haircuts EVER and proceeded to do laundry and housework on Friday night.  My life is so glamorous!

Sunday, November 2nd
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Ran 11 miles at 9:18 pace

Monday, November 3rd
Pam: 30 min elliptical, weights
Christine: Unplanned rest day

Tuesday, November 4th
Pam: 30 min bike ride
Christine: Ran 3.5 miles, stretching

Wednesday, November 5th
Pam: Ran 4 miles, with fast 5k in the middle
Christine: Yoga, foam rolling, stretching

Thursday, November 6th
Pam: 9 holes golf
Christine: Ran 4 miles with hill ladders at 9:05 pace, pus 0.5 mile cool down, stretching

Friday, November 7th
Pam: Speedwork - 3 x mile at 8:12, 8:17, 8:22 with warm-up and cool-down for 4.5 miles total
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, November 8th
Pam: 18 holes golf
Christine: 7 miles at 8:30 pace, stretching looks like Mom definitely won the activity competition this week.  I can chalk that up to the fact that I'm tapering right?!


  1. I feel like the flu shot ordeal is all about the person giving the shot. Last year I got jabbed and it was sore for days. This year, I barely felt it and no soreness at all. It made me wonder if anything actually happened!
    How great is a new haircut? You look great!

  2. Love the new haircut Christine!!! And that pasta looks yummy! Great week of workouts you two!

  3. My flu shot also hurt for a few days - he really got into the muscle! Your pasta dish looks good and I like the shadow box! Enjoy the remainder of taper week :)

  4. I love all things pumpkin so I must try the pasta. Cute haircut!! Good luck in Richmond.

  5. That pumpkin pasta looks SO delicious. Love the haircut.

  6. The shadow box is cool! You should put your medal in it too!!