December 1, 2014

I mustache you some questions (and my answers!)

I'm a sucker for these random facts-esque posts. My buddy Lisa tagged me and I got a kick out of reading her responses. So now I will share some random factoids with you and hopefully share some fun little facts that you may not have known about me!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:
1.  Chris Jr. - I'm named after my Aunt who goes by Chris
2.  Keenan - EVERYONE called me by my last name in college
3.  Peanut - My Mom's pet name for me when I was little
4.  CK - This is a more recent thing and it's starting to stick, particularly around the office.

Four jobs I have had:
1.  Swim coach
2.  Consultant
3.  Process improvement engineer at a shipyard
4.  Student caller (you know the ones who call to beg you for donations to your alma mater?)

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1.  The Cutting Edge (my all time favorite)
2.  A League of Their Own
3.  Love Actually
4.  Office Space

Four books I’d recommend:
1.  A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
2.  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
3.  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
4.  The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Four places I have lived:
1.  Houston, TX (Childhood)
2.  Philadelphia, PA (A bad decision)
3.  Rochester, MN (Summer internship)
4.  Lewisburg, PA (College)

Four places I have been:
1.  Bermuda
2.  Switzerland
3.  Caribbean
4.  England

Four things I don’t eat:
Well there are only three, so I'll tell you those...
1.  Veal
2.  Goat cheese
3.  Olives

Four of my favorite foods:
1.  Mom's homemade chocolate cake
2.  A really good steak with good garlic mashed potatoes
3.  Macaroni and cheese
4.  Breakfast (I know that's more of a meal but I LOVE breakfast foods)

Four TV shows that I watch:
1.  Mad Men (mmmm Don Draper)
2.  House of Cards
3.  Chopped
4.  Modern Family

Four things I am looking forward to this year:
1.  Going to Boston to cheer for Mom and my Auntie Allie in the Boston Marathon
2.  Ringing in the new year in Montreal
3.  Heading out to Disneyland to spend Mother's Day at the Tink Half Marathon weekend with Mom
4.  No marathon training least there is none that is planned!

Four things I’m always saying:
1.  I hate running.
2.  I love running. (hehe)
3.  Hi, Christine's on (I'm on a LOT of conference calls at works)
4.  Get down (trying to get Paddy off the furniture)

Four people I'm tagging:
1. Cyanne from Run Stretch Go
2. Danielle from Live Run Grow
3. Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC
4. Jen from This Runners Trials


  1. What a fun post! We were just saying yesterday how neither one of us has seen "Love Actually" -M

  2. I just tried to comment. Not sure if it worked.. .think it went under an old name called "lost and found" ... either way- 1. love this post! 2. might have to do it myself (if that's ok) and 3. you will always be KEENAN to me :)!!!

  3. I love Cutting Edge too. :) It's one of those movies I can watch over and over again (and yet I haven't seen it in ages!).

  4. Fun! Loved learning a little more about you!

  5. Oh my goodness, I wrote a totally long comment to this this morning when I read it and I just noticed it's not here, weird!

    Anyways, if I can remember it all, first, after I face planted during the DL Half this year, I kept telling people I toe picked and no one got it! Good to know you would have appreciated it!

    Second, I have no idea how a) you only don't like to eat THREE THINGS and b) one of them is olives!! I LOVE Olives!

    Lastly, mmm...breakfast! A Disney breakfast buffet is often a highlight of a trip!

  6. love this! thanks for tagging me! did you hear that house of cards is coming back in feb?? woot woot!! i'd love to hear more about your bad decision - perhaps over drinks at a race! :)

  7. OMG, yes the Cutting Edge!! I forgot about that movie but my college roommate and i must have watched it over and over and over (on VHS of course!) and it's not Christmas until I've seen Love Actually - favorite movie ever!

  8. Too funny have shared 3/4 of the same jobs as you (minus #3). NYE/NY in Montreal sounds fun!!

  9. Love this :) No goat cheese? That is one of my favorite foods! Totally agree on Don Draper...I watched the first few seasons and then fell off the wagon, I may need to start watching that on the treadmill this winter!

  10. Thanks for playing along! I don't know how I forgot to mention House of Cards as a favorite of mine. Man, I'm dying for the next season to come back!