December 16, 2014

Is it a date or a race?

Last night while I was at the gym, I realized that I have a race this week. It's not often that I'm not in tune with my race schedule, but these days I'm totally ok with it! That's right, on Saturday night, I'll be pinning on a race bib and running 5 miles through the Virginia Beach oceanfront area with A at my side. We're sort of approaching this a bit as an atypical holiday date night. It's a Saturday night in December, so it's somewhat self explanatory. And unlike the last race we ran together (the Trots for Tots 5k on Thanksgiving Day), I plan to cross the finish line with him.

While we won't be donning any crazing holiday race outfits, I think this will be a pretty fun night. I hope to see some of my local running buddies at the race and share some holiday cheer. And I'm pretty psyched to get this medal!
Source: Surf-n-Santa Facebook Page
This is a low pressure race. It will be a fun experience for us and I'm really looking forward to a new event, particularly one that's holiday themed. We'll be dashing through the lights and then enjoying some post-race revelries in the warmth of the Virginia Beach Convention Center. To be exact, we'll be enjoying chicken corn chowder in a bread bowl and Sam Adams beer. What could be better?

Here's all the info to get ready for the Surf-n-Santa 5 miler if you're running too!
* Check out the virtual goodie bag here.
* Get your race number here.
* Frequently Asked Questions

Any tips for making our first "race date" a good one?


  1. Runners: Redefining the concept of Date Night since... well, forever. Lol

  2. It's a date race! I love it! Have fun!

  3. Love that you and A are going to run the race together. It'll be a fun date night!

  4. I wanted to run this race ever since they changed it to a 5 miler! I am so sad I won't be there. Please take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you! I love themed races and i'm sure the christmas theme will not disappoint. Have fun my friend! -M

  5. I think it's good that you've decided to run and finish together - that's important to decide ahead of time! Any pre or post-race rituals you like to follow might be good to discuss too, and how quickly you both like to change clothes, get warm, etc. Hope it's a wonderful time!

  6. Cute idea, hope you have a fun date night. I'll be there too, crossing my fingers the weather will cooperate.