December 7, 2014

Weekly Roundup - December 7th

This is how my week has been, a little like this Charlie Brown tree that we received as a gift from good friends.  The first tree arrived and was adorable, but leaked and we found water all over the kitchen after the first day.  So it got packed up and back to the vendor for another try.  This second tree arrived, and not only was it also leaking, it was not a cute little tree!

And to add insult to injury after two episodes with water, this is the Christmas card that arrived from my friend who had sent the tree.  Good thing she is a good friend or I would order a couple buckets of water to be delivered to her home!

This was such an up and down week for me as I tried to work through my foot injury.  After my fantastic workout Thursday morning with my group, several hours later my foot was in pain.  So after more than 24 hours of feeling that it had not improved, I made an appointment with the doctor.  An x-ray revealed no fracture, but coach Sami has me on a plan with no running for the next two weeks. With having completed a fall marathon, then an unexpected 15 miles of running several weeks later, she thinks my foot could use a little extra rest.  In the meantime, this has been happening at my house!

Added my AG medal to my box of medals - can't wait to get these out in a couple weeks

packed lots of boxes!

And now for the workouts:
Sunday, November 30th
Pam: rest day
Christine: 30 min. elliptical, weights, abs

Monday, December 1st
Pam:  35 min, elliptical, weights
Christine:  30 min. bike, weights

Tuesday, December 2nd
Pam: 40 min. stationary bike, situps
Christine: rest day

Wednesday, December 3rd
Pam: 25 min. elliptical, 1000 meters rowing, stretching
Christine: 2.5 mile run, 15 min. elliptical

Thursday, December 4th
Pam: 5 mile track workout
Christine: rest day

Friday, December 5th
Pam:  rest day
Christine: rest day

Saturday, December 6th
Pam: packed lots of boxes and moved lots of boxes downstairs
Christine: bike ride, 1 hour yard work

How was your week?  Are you done Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Oh no, those poor trees! Hope they get it straight soon. Too funny about the water and her card! Hope your foot feels better soon, Pam!

  2. So sry to hear about your foot. Hope it heals fast. I am on top of it this year and almost all done w my Christmas shopping. I never want to be that person on Christmas Eve at Wal-Mart...haha. -L

  3. I don't even know what to say about the whole Great Tree Caper of 2014, but I have to admire your friends sense of humor! Glad to hear the foot's only temporarily broken. Sending healing pixie dust your way!

  4. Uggh Christmas shopping? Totally slacking in that department!! Sorry to hear about your foot, but make sure you actually do REST!!

  5. Yikes, sorry about the tree drama.