January 11, 2015

Weekly Roundup: January 11th

This last week was all about refocusing and getting back on track for workouts. Pam's Boston Marathon training plan began and I started my own training plan for the Glass Slipper Challenge later next month. It was a very, very chilly week in Virginia so I spent a fair bit of time on the treadmill. On my run earlier today, I braved very chilly temperatures (16 degrees when I left my house!!) but really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

Sunday, Jan 4th
P: 10 mile run at
C: 30 min elliptical, weights, abs

Mon, Jan 5th
P: Rest day
C: 20 min stationary bike, 10 min elliptical, abs, weights

Tues, Jan 6th
P: 6 mile group workout, lots of speed work including 1.63 at 8:00 pace
C: 4.5 miles at 8:55 pace, stretching

Wed, Jan 7th
P: 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes biking
C: Rest day

Thurs, Jan 8th
P: 3 miles 1 warm up followed by 2 at 8:57 pace
C: 3.5 miles at 9:00 pace, stretching

Fri, Jan 9th
P: Rest day
C: Rest day

Sat, Jan 10th
P: 12.32 miles at 10:05 pace (hills on Boston Marathon course out and back)
C: 3.5 mile walk

do you have a big race on the horizon?


  1. You guys are so tough. If it drops below 50, I'm too cold to run. ;)

  2. A great week for both of you. Good luck as you continue to train.