February 12, 2015

Advice from Adam, Part 2

So at last, here it is, the second installment of "Advice from Adam. If you missed the first one, check it out here. You're in for some laughs. 

While supporting Christine on a long run I came up with a list of ways to support your significant other on a long run.  Being that I define a long run as anything to the end of the block, I figured I would share some of my wisdom gained over supporting my special someone over the course of many miles. 

1. Motorpace: Make sure the car is full of gas because the only thing you're going to be working out is your right foot.  If your car has a nickname better yet (Snow Rabbit here) because the two of you are going to be working the ponies (horsepower). You know their route so follow at a respectful distance as your significant other does their long run.  Be sure to download some inspirational and motivational music too, I recommend any of the Rocky Movie soundtracks.   Extra points if you obnoxiously blast music out your trusty steed’s windows. 

2. Biking: So your going to get a bit of exercise too.  Throw some water bottles on the bike, I recommend one with water and one with a hydration drink like Nuun or Gatorade and take off for some much needed exercise with your significant other.  You have to work off those post race beers you consumed for your sweetie some way right?

3. Build your own water stop-  You know your significant others route so why not surprise them with an unexpected water stop?  Open up the trunk of the car or if you're lucky enough to have a truck or SUV pop open the tailgate, play some music and have a few beverage choices (water or H2O). 

4. Pre-positioned Yoga Mats and Ice Packs- You know your significant other is going to be gone for a while and super sore/tired when they get back so help out and pre-position a Yoga Mat, Foam Roller and cold drink by the door.  Your Significant Other will want to stretch (I get sore walking to end of the block for the paper so imagine 12 miles) so while they stretch prepare some ice packs (double bagged plastic grocery bags work the best, trust me). 

5. Make Breakfast/Lunch or a Big Snack- Your significant other just ran, and ran further than you’ve ever imagined running in your life, let alone all at once, so they are going to be hungry.  Think I haven’t seen food in a full year hungry or the feeling you get for Thanksgiving (I’m still festively plum) so prepare a meal for them.  I personally go for breakfast anytime of the day,  I mean who can pass up an opportunity to eat bacon?  If you're out of great ideas or breakfast isn’t your idea you can find some good recipes at Run Stretch Go.

Are you in a relationship with a runner? If so, how do you avoid running at all costs?


  1. Adam, you are a very supportive SO. Great ideas here. We are both runners, but my husband has taken it up a few notches in distance - so I am all too familiar with #3 - known as 'crewing'. Bring along a few camping chairs, a cooler, a kindle, and the pup - and you will be all set. You can encourage her to run in picturesque locations, so it is even more fun. Happy Trails to both of you! ~DB

  2. Adam, you're so supportive of Christine and her running. I think I need to pass some of these ideas along to my husband since he's cutting back on his running and not doing as many long runs as I am.

  3. love this! this post is going straight to my husband :) thanks, adam!

  4. I would love if my significant other did this for me after my runs. Doesn't matter which way you show support, as long as you do it.-L

  5. love these-I will be passing them along to my boyfriend even though he has taken up running as well (but not as many miles as I have)

  6. Adam sounds like he is great support. So awesome.

  7. Adam, you are a rock star! I'm passing this on to the boyfriend today, there will be a pop quiz tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  8. You like the tropics Adam? You should come here and support me then. Lol