February 15, 2015

Weekly Roundup: February 15th

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day celebrating the love in your life. I've always loved this cheesy holiday that so often seems to focus on the size and quality of a flower arrangement, the amount of chocolates on our desks at work, or the over-the-top gestures. I prefer to savor the little things - homemade cards, a thoughtful gesture, sharing some homemade treats with friends and family. That's the holiday I love!

And even with that being said, I feel like I was spoiled rotten this weekend. On Friday morning, I found a note from Adam tucked into my laptop instructing me to be ready for a night out at 6:00.  I came home from work to find a speakeasy set up in the kitchen complete with a menu of old-fashioned cocktails. After trying out a Stork Club (which is apparently a famous prohibition cocktail), we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Vintage Tavern for some delicious southern-inspired fare. On Saturday, we enjoyed some leisure time and a trail walk with Paddy since yesterday was the only day all weekend that was supposed to get above freezing (brr). And we shared dinner responsibilities and cooked some fun tapas and followed it up with a dessert spread of red velvet truffles, chocolate dipped strawberries and funfetti dip. Let's just say I need to focus on salads this week!

But now that Valentine's Day is over, it's time to think Princess!! I didn't have quite the running week that I'd anticipated. A few late nights at work interfered with my workout schedule and unfortunately, I wasn't able to plan ahead meaning my workouts for derailed a bit. I'm planning to go for my last long run of the training cycle today and it's hard to believe we'll be racing this time next week!

Sunday, February 8th
Pam: 2 mile walk
Christine: 10.5 miles at 9:25

Monday, February 9th
Pam: elliptical 30 minutes and Interval Class
Christine: 30 min yoga

Tuesday, February 10th
Pam: 6.2 miles at 8:52 pace
Christine: Rest day

Wednesday, February 11th
Pam: 40 minute walk
Christine: 2.5 mile progression on TM (1 mi at 9:00, .5 mi at 8:00, .5 mi at 7:35, .5 mi at 7:03), 15 min cool down on elliptical, abs, stretching

Thursday, February 12th
Pam: WOL workout, 5 miles total, 1.5 miles warmup cool down, 3.5 miles speedwork,
Christine: deck of cards workout

Friday, February 13th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, February 14th
Pam: 10 mile long run at 9:57 pace
Christine: 5 mile trail walk


  1. Love your homemade gifts! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!
    Ah PHM is so close! I can't wait to hear all about it :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Loved the Valentines Day collage!