February 1, 2015

Weekly Roundup: February 1st

This week was very busy between some solid workouts, a business trip to DC on Thursday night, and seeing an old friend Wednesday night. And let me tell you, I was so happy when Friday night was finally here signaling weekend relaxation time. Last night, we attended my corporate "holiday party" which was fun although the atmosphere was a little odd since the party was January 31st..

As a lifelong fan of the Patriots, I'm looking forward to tonight's Super Bowl game. After watching the Super Bowl with enemies in year's past, I learned my lesson- when the Pats are playing, watch at home or with friendlies only!
Clockwise from top left: Snow on Tues AM was enough for a 2 hour
delay; Hotel TM workout; photo booth fun at the holiday party; making
cocktails Friday night
I haven't been in touch with Mom while she's cruising the Caribbean so I'm not sure of her workouts but I imagine they look something like this:
- Walked up to the lido deck to get some breakfast. I was too tired to walk back so I laid on a lounge chair and took a nap instead.
 - Walked on the beach for a few minutes but decided that was too much work for vacation. Vacated to a seat under a beach umbrella to read with a fruity drink with a fruit skewer and a umbrella in it.
- Snorkeled for a little bit to check out the fish. Man, fish have it rough. They are always moving!
- Debated running in ship gym, but elected to hit an afternoon buffet instead.
...all joking aside, I'm very jealous that they are spending time in the tropics while we've had snow and freezing rain! If I know my parents like I think I do, they're still active on vacation.

Sunday, January 25th
C: 8 miles (planned 10 but food poisoning had other ideas)

Monday, January 26th
C: 30 min stationary bike, push-ups, ab sequence, stretching and hip exercises

Tuesday, January 27th
C: 3.5 miles at 8:58 pace, stretching 

Wednesday, January 28th
C: Rest day

Thursday, January 29th
C: 4 mile progression 9:20, 835, 8:35, 7:35, stretching

Friday, January 30th
C: Rest day with ab sequence and push-ups

Saturday, January 31st
C: 10 mile long run at 9:18 pace


  1. Oh, So jealous of Pam on her cruise but soon enough we will all be in Florida and hopefully the weather will be fabulous! I didn't realize how fun photo booths could be until our friend had one at her wedding last year. Wow, good for you for even getting in 8 miles while having food poisoning!

    Have fun watching the game tonight! -M

  2. Oh food poisoning is the worst.
    So sorry.

  3. Yay for 2 hour delays! Isn't it funny how adults still love snow when you teach at a school (well, most do!). I bet your mom is having a great time :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun