February 4, 2015

What I'm loving lately (the running edition)

1. The awesome motivation that sits on my desk from a dear friend. I often think of this quote when I'm having a tough training run and it reminds me that sometimes PRs and time goals aren't what every run or race is about. And she knows me well enough to know that I needed this message to recover from Richmond.
Motivation on my desk...from Summer Sanders and Bill Bowman
2. The Bostonian who decided to clear the legendary Boston marathon finish line. How can you not love this guy who said " I'm no hero, I'm just a nut who loves the marathon."

3. I'm loving being back on the roads and WANTING to run. It feels like such a major shift from last fall when I was going through the motions training for a marathon. I know this is the kind of attitude and feeling that will yield PRs and happy races.

4. 18 tips to staying healthy all year via Competitor - I doubt that most runners have issues with seasonal motivation (i.e., the usual new years resolution crowd at the gym January-mid March), but I found some good tips in this article. It mentions 30 day challenges, logging miles, and eating better. These are three specific things/goals I've been working on in 2015 and I'm happy to say they're going well so far!

5. Rediscovering my speed - I was chatting with my friend Lisa and we were lamenting how quickly you can lose speed when you're not actively training. Fitness (and really I mean general endurance) stays around a lot longer than speed. After my post-marathon break, I was starting to wonder if I would ever run 8's again and even more so, a 7-something mile when running "fast." Imagine my delight when I found both in the last two weeks - weeknight runs averaging 8:35-8:40 pace and a fast 7:35 mile on the treadmill last Thursday. It takes time, but I'm finally getting back there!

What's rocking your running world now?


  1. I really love those motivational quote signs, I was actually just looking at them on Etsy!

    Nice work getting that speed back! If only I could find motivation to work on speed to begin with! It's one of those things I say I am going to do all the time and I just never can motivated myself to do speedwork!

  2. Love those motivational signs! And I LOVED the story of the guy who cleared the Boston Marathon Finish Line! So awesome! Right now I'm loving my run this morning because my legs felt strong! They've been feeling a little tired lately!

  3. I love that the guy in Boston cleared the finish line. I was so inspired, and definitely in awe, when I saw the photo!

  4. I was definitely moved by the guy who shoveled the Boston finish line too!

    It makes me so happy to see that you have displayed your Summer Sanders picture! -M

  5. It really is a treasure to me and I always think of you and your kindness when I look at it. It's bounced around the house a lot but I recently reorganized my desk and decided it deserved a prime spot where I can see it often. <3 :)

  6. I love the sign. Speed does seem to slip easily, at least for me. I got back to my speed work just this morning with 4 - 800 meters at 7:37-7:45 pace. It felt tough, but I did it!

  7. YAY to finding your speed! Mine is slowly coming back, too. When I'm marathon training I just can't seem to manage both the endurance and the speed, but I have a half coming up and doing those speed sessions is feeling way more manageable (AND I'm seeing results!). May there be more speedy miles in both our futures!

  8. It is SO crazy how fast you lose speed when forced to take a break. I'm dealing with that now after being sick for 6 weeks!