March 15, 2015

Weekly Roundup: Mar 15th

Yesterday Christine ran a soggy Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in DC and I spent the day resting in preparation for my long run today! Running in the rain is not easy, especially when it is on race day.  A full recap of the Rock 'n Roll race weekend will be coming next week, but for now, Christine is enjoying our nation's capital with lots of friends!

Post race smiles!
My weekend has consisted of a an easy day yesterday of exciting things like cleaning the attic following by some reading and food prep for today.  With my long run today as a simulation of race day in Boston, I am starting much later than normal. Trying to figure out food is my biggest dilemma so I decided to start today off with a turkey sandwich followed by my normal pre run food just before I run at 10:30.  If this does not work, I will have one more opportunity to figure out food before the big day. Do you have any recommendations for fueling a late start race?

Now here are our weekly workouts:  

Sunday, March 8th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 7.5 miles at 9:09 average pace, stretching

Monday, March 9th
Pam: 40 minute stationary bike, plank, wall sits, stretching, played 9 holes golf
Christine: 20 min bike ride, abs

Tuesday, March 10th
Pam: Ran 6.5 miles at 9:13 pace
Christine: 3.5 miles at 9:30 pace (my legs felt like lead!)

Wednesday, March 11th
Pam: easy 2 mile jog
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, March 12th
Pam: 9 holes golf, 45 minutes elliptical machine,
Christine: 30 min yoga, tons of stretching to try to ease my achy hip

Friday, March 13th
Pam: WOL workout, Yasso 800's X 8 @ 4:00 each 5 miles total
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, March 14th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon!

How was your week?  Did you have any big accomplishments?


  1. Getting excited for you.

    Ran a 4 mile race. Got a pr😀

  2. I only ran a race in the rain once ( part of the wdw marathon this year) but it wasn't that bad because it wasn't cold. It was very warm. Good luck with your long run!

  3. Congrats to Christine on running RnRDC! Running in the rain is not always fun or easy, way to go!
    Getting your corral and bib for the Boston Marathon is SO exciting, it's getting close!! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  4. I worried about all the DC runners in that rain.
    And I always wondered about food for Boston. I cannot each much before I run, but I wouldn't be done until like 4pm. No breakfast and no lunch. Guess you have to figure something out. Yikes.

  5. It was so awesome to see Christine out there. She has great eyes, because she came up to ME at the start line and then we found each other randomly at the finish!! Hopefully one of these days I'll get to meet you Pam :)

  6. Hi ladies, been watching your blog for a little while. Just wanted to say that I ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon on Saturday, same as Christine! We finished, but it was so tough in that weather! I'm glad she was able to muster through it; looking forward to her race report. :)