March 1, 2015

Weekly Roundup: Mar 1st

Wow, is it March already?  February passed so quickly as we trained for the Princess races and tolerated alot of cold winter weather.  There are complaints here though compared to what our friends further north have been dealing with this year.  It is hard to believe that last week we were toeing the line for the Princess Half Marathon.  Here are a few more photos from our super fun weekend!

I was very tempted to buy this shirt for Christine, but I knew she would never wear it!

We spent most of Saturday at Animal Kingdom after Christine ran her Enchanted 10k PR.  My favorite parts of AK include the safari ride and the gorilla habitat. We rode the safari twice and spent at least an hour watching the gorillas!  Seeing the 5 and 6 month old gorilla babies was the highlight of the day!

Snuggling with mom

Baloo and King Louie having fun!

At the expo, the Tinkerbell Medals were on display at the runDisney booth and we took time to look them over since we will be earning the Pixie Dust Challenge medal, Tinkerbell 10k and Half Marathon medals and the pink and purple coast to coast challenge.

Now here's a recap of our workouts from the last two weeks.  Oops, we were too busy at Disney World to post last Sunday!

Sunday, February 15th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 6.5 miles at 9:00 avg pace with pick-ups last 2 miles

Monday, February 16th
Pam: Ran 5 miles at 9:18 pace
Christine: 35 min stationary bike, abs, hip exercises, stretching

Tuesday, February 17th
Pam: 25 min. elliptical, 20 min. exercise bike, plank, sit ups
Christine: 4 mi easy, stretching

Wednesday, February 18th
Pam: 5.5 miles at 9:25 pace with pick ups
Christine: rest day plus snow day walk and shoveling

Thursday, February 19th
Pam: 30 min. bike, sit ups, plank, stretching
Christine: rest day

Friday, February 20th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, February 21st
Pam: run 30 minutes easy with strides at the end
Christine: Enchanted 10k

Sunday, February 22nd
Pam: Princess Half Marathon + 7 miles walking in Magic Kingdom
Christine:  Princess Half Marathon + 7 miles walking in Magic Kingdom

Monday, February 23rd
Pam: walked 10 miles at the parks
Christine: walked 10 miles in the parks

Tuesday, February 24th
Pam: 3 miles easy around POR
Christine: 3 miles easy POR

Wednesday, February 25th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 35 min stationary bike, abs, stretching

Thursday, February 26th
Pam: 30 minutes stationary bike, plank, sit ups, clam shells
Christine: 20 min shoveling, 1.5 mile walk in snow, backyard sprints with the dog in the snow :)

Friday, February 27th
Pam: WOL group workout total 5.25 miles
Christine: rest day

Saturday, February 28th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 5 mi on TM at 9:20 pace, stretching

How was your week?  Have you raced recently?


  1. I love how unique the Pixie Dust Challenge medal is this year. I'm sure you ladies can't wait to come home from California with 4 new medals in May!

    1. I actually thought the challenge medal was really weird but hopefully it will grow on me. After May, my medal rack will need an overhaul since it is already quite full!

  2. I haven't been to Animal Kingdom in years. Every time we go to Disney it seems to be a quick trip and we tend to always visit Magic Kingdom and/or Epcot My sister bought the shirt that said my wife for her husband. I hope he wears it:) -L

    1. AK is a really nice park to visit to get away from all the rides and enjoy more of nature. I think that is funny Meranda bought the shirt for her husband. I hope he wears it too and she posts a photo! :)

  3. Wow. Tons of great workouts, and so much walking at the parks.

    1. Abby, we were shocked to realize that Sunday we did over 20 miles of walking and running!

  4. I was supposed to race today but took a DNS because of sleet and snow. No way I was going to slip and get injured this close to Paris!!

    1. Sue, you made a very wise decision. With a huge race on the horizon staying upright is important.

  5. I love gorillas! I took a primate anthropology class in college to meet a requirement and really considered going in that direction professionally. They're fascinating.
    It looks like they changed the Tink medal up a bit. That's good!

  6. Love those Tink medals! Hope to earn one someday myself! Nice work outs, I too did a lot of walking in the parks, especiallly post Glass Slipper! :)

    1. It is so much fun to walk through the parks with your medal (s) after the runDisney races. Yes, we are excited about the tink medals too!

  7. Love those Tink medals! Hope to earn one someday myself! Nice work outs, I too did a lot of walking in the parks, especiallly post Glass Slipper! :)

  8. Wow! The Tinkerbell medals are awesome. That's big bling. We did the AK safari ride last month and we saw so many more animals than we ever have. I'm glad they dropped the storyline about poaching. It had gotten pretty stale.

    1. We were surprised at the new medals and can't wait to get to California in May for some more runDIsney fun. Yes, the safari was much better for us too and totally agree about the poaching story!

  9. Disney always comes up with such great looking medals for their races!
    I have only been to WDW once, but have to say Animal Kingdom was one of my favorites there:)