April 13, 2015

Tangled Headphones? Try Cordskinz!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a complimentary pair of Cordskinz to try and review. No other compensation was received and as always, the opinions stated here are our own.

When I first heard about Cordskinz, I was intrigued! I struggle with perpetually tangled and knotted headphone cords. They're always a chore to untangle and because they've been twisted around my shuffle in my gym bag so much, they seem to be permanently curled and twisted. I find that they often rest up against my face or neck when I run which annoys me. They annoyed me but I never knew there was a solution. Enter Cordskinz!

They're a simple plastic casing for your headphones, to keep them protected and tangle free. They are easy to apply and each set comes with a "skinner" tool to slip them on your headphones. I didn't have any trouble putting them on and I immediately noticed that they made my headphones tangle free and straight!

I've used my Cordskinz for races and training runs and they have worked beautifully. I noticed a slight bit of weight on the headphones but they don't seem to bounce or move. I'll be keeping these around for a while and really appreciated the opportunity to test out a new product.
Rocked my Cordskinz for RnR DC Half Marathon
Check out Cordskinz website to learn more. This is a nifty product that comes in loads of colors and is very affordable!

Have you ever heard of Cordskinz or tried anything to detangle your headphone cords?


  1. I've never heard of these, but I can see how they would be beneficial! I have the same problem you do with my headphone cords. Great review, thanks! :)

  2. Oh wow! I've never heard of these! I hate the way headphone cords twist when I'm running so I stopped wearing them lol! I just run with my music blaring out of my phone. I'm courteous and turn it down if I see others though.

  3. I have never heard of Cordskinz but these sound great. My headphones always get tangled up between my runs and it takes me forever to untangle them. I have used bread ties in the past. Will have to give these a try. -L

  4. I have heard of these at least by one other person, they loved them too!
    I do have the headphone tangle problem. But I have to have the ones that also have the small band that fits back behind the ear. I swear my ears are too small because I can never get the ones like pictured to stay in, they just constantly fall out. If Cordskinz makes the ones that go around your ear, I would totally be interested!

  5. Oh, wow, they sound PERFECT! My headphone cords are always a MESS. I'd definitely be interested in trying something like this. Thanks for the review!