May 26, 2015

Focusing on activity

Since I haven't been great with traditional workouts lately, I've been focusing a lot on simply staying active. I've been paying a lot more attention to my daily steps since I'm not running. And in all honesty despite my crummy "typical workouts," I've been really diligent about doing my morning core work and push-ups. I'm fairly convinced that if I quit eating ice cream I would be rocking some sweet abs this summer. But alas the delicious icy treat continues to call my name so I'll maintain my "ice cream belly" as Mom and I have named them...anyways I digress.
Exhibit A: Memorial Day treat from Brown Dog ice
cream in Cape Charles, VA
We had picture perfect weather over the long weekend and it was perfect for being outside. Adam and I took our bikes down to the Washington Ditch Trail which is a  10 mile rail trail that ends at Lake Drummond. It was rather quiet on the trail which made for a very serene outing. No photos of this day since we were doing a "cell phone free" Saturday. I'm starting to love these...

Sunday, I took the dog for a nice walk and hit the gym since my knee still wasn't up to running. It felt great to sweat a bit and do some weights. And then we went to the beach where we walked around a bit.

The creme de la creme of weekend activity was exploring Virginia's Eastern Shore. While about an hour away, it feels like a world away. It's quite rural but very serene and picturesque. I found a nature preserve with a beach hike online and off we went! It was a really interesting trail that highlighted the type of grass and plants that were protected in each area. It started with tall grass and we ended on the Chesapeake Bay.
The trailhead
Beautiful, empty beach!
When we arrived at the beach, we found low tide so we enjoyed walking a ways down the beach in both directions. We even found a few shells.

The rocks were great for working the calf muscles!
It was a great way to spend the morning and a fun diversion from my typical workouts...both in view and format.  While I take a break from running, it's been great to find new places to be active! What's your favorite workout location?


  1. I love the idea of cell phone free Saturdays! And who on earth could give up ice cream!?!

    Paddle boarding is one of my favorite non traditional activity/workouts, we never actually go paddle boarding for a workout, we go just to explore and be outside, but it really is a great way to help stay in shape!

  2. I love our trails around here and it is definitely my favorite way to be active! Looks like a great day ( and beautiful too)! -M

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the long weekend! I love the idea of cell phone free Saturdays too. Its amazing how dependent we've all become on those silly devices.

  4. Those beach photos look beautiful! I haven't made it to the beach yet this year but we have a cruise planned in October so hopefully there will be a lot of beach time then :) I did a lot of hiking this weekend too and I've definitely been trying to be active with my fitbit steps even on non-workout days. I definitely find that I feel better when I do that.

  5. I don't see an ice cream belly anywhere, eat up my friend ;)

  6. I too...have an ice cream belly :) We splurged last week and had ice cream in waffle good. So nice the beach you had the beach to yourselves...makes the adventure/exploration even more fun.

  7. This is so me right now. I suck at keeping up any sort of training/running schedule in the summer because it's so hot and I hate it so much, so, like you, I've just been trying to stay as active as I can...walking the dog, looking up various outdoor events, etc. is WAY too short not to eat ice cream. ;)

  8. Great pictures! I'm jealous of your scenic weekend! :)