May 27, 2015

Power of the Group Part 2 including tips from Jeff Galloway

As part of the Jeff Galloway bloggers group, we are periodically given tips from Jeff to share with our readers.  No compensation is received.

Last year I wrote a post entitled Power of the Group here.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email last week with our Galloway Blogger tips and the title was the very same as my post from last year.  Joining a group was one of the hardest things I have done as a runner, but without a doubt the best thing I have done to improve and enhance my running.  There are so many things that happen when you join a group but for me, there were three key things.

1. Accountability:  There are expectations to sign up and show up for a weekly practice (s) and once you have done that, you don't want to miss out.  When you know your running friends are pounding out 800's at the track, why should you be home in bed?

2. Improvement:  With the challenge of running with others, your inner strength comes out and you manage to complete runs and races that you never thought possible.  For example, never in my wildest imagination did I expect to PR at the Tinkerbell 10k earlier this month, but the encouragement from coach Sami helped me believe that it was possible.

3. Friendships:  This is a stretch as far as the "Power of a group", but when there is a long run planned for Sunday morning for 16 miles, knowing you have a friend waiting to run those miles makes it actually seem like fun.  Training for my first marathon as part of Goofy Challenge totally solo was hard, especially the back to back runs.  I followed Jeff Galloway's plan, and honestly there were days that I really could have skipped.  Now, my long runs are so much fun and I hate to miss out on the weekends when I have to run solo.  This fall while training for the NYC Marathon I will have plenty of company and look forward to those tough long runs when my group will keep me company and we will solve world problems!

My first travel race with my group and we had a blast!

Now for some tips from Jeff Galloway. Be sure to check out his website to see if any of his groups are in cities near you.  His free clinics are available in many states across the country and would be a wonderful way to get started with a group.

1. Great friendships
2. The miles go by quicker—telling stories, sharing life experiences
3. Guidance in running with the right group for you, with the appropriate run walk run strategy
4. Because the group is waiting for you, you will stay motivated and get out there more often
5. You’ll learn about some interesting races, places to run, fun running experiences
6. On the really tough workouts and races, the group will pull you through
7. Access to tools for management of nutrition, fluids, motivation, aches/pains
8. The right group leadership can fine-tune the pace of each workout, avoiding injury/exhaustion
9. Helping others who are struggling bestows an amazing sense of achievement
10. Sharing the empowerment of finishing a long run can change your life

Have you tried out a group?  Has it impacted your running?


  1. Love your first three points - amen to all of them!

  2. I'm a loner... a rebel. LOL Always have run alone but my best Half Marathon time ever was achieved while running with someone else. That is no coincidence. Running with others really pushes you to improve. Hail the power of the group!

  3. I love both the groups I run with! They are both very different, but I get benefits from each of them - both benefits to my actual running and personal benefits!

  4. Accountability was the big reason I joined a training group and I really think it helped! And the added bonus was that it really did make the miles go by much quicker and with more fun :) I still enjoy my solo runs but it's nice to have a mix of solo runs and group runs.

  5. One thing I haven't really done much of is group running.
    I entered a charity race years ago, and we had a training group and weekly group runs. I went a couple of times, but found I actually enjoyed going at it alone myself more. (I know I am weird:)
    Maybe if it was the right group, and I had more than running in common with them:) I have always been a solo runner, I think I like it that way. But whenever I get someone who asks me how to get going in running. I do always recommend they find a group if possible, because I can see like you listed above. There are a lot of motivational reasons, along with many benefits to group running, especially for newer runners or people who have a hard time sticking with things:) Great post!

  6. I LOVE running with a group! My Sole2Soul Sisters are my rock! I hardly ever run a long run by myself.

  7. I have relied on the Galloway method many times in the heat and when I ran my last two half marathons (Princess weekend & one local) I used my timer about half way in. I would love a group to run with using the 4 x 1 you really can enjoy taking and the break feels great.
    Do you always use this method ? Your times and PR's are really speedy :)

  8. I think accountability would help me the most in a running group. Nothing like a little peer pressure to get you out the door! :)