June 26, 2015

Friday Five: Getting on the healthy bandwagon!

It's probably not a big surprise that the wedding chaos threw my life into a bit of a tizzy...a very very good one! We were lucky enough to have some fantastic leftover food that our caterer properly saved for us and lots and lots of cake. For 4 days after the wedding, Adam and I enjoyed pulled pork sliders, sauteed veggies and cake for dinner. Every single night! It was tasty but eventually we both craved healthier food and the normalcy of our regular routines.

1. Abs and push-ups: When Adam and I first started dating, he was religious about a push-up, pull-up and sit-up routine.  I adopted parts of it like the core focus and push-ups. I was amazed at how fast my back and shoulder muscles developed from the push-ups so I stuck with it. And earlier this year I mentioned that I had been doing a lot more core work in the morning. I fell off the bandwagon in a big way just before the wedding and I can tell from the fact that my baby abs went back into hiding. We both agreed to spend 5-10 minutes each morning back on the wagon.

2. Cooking dinners: Nothing earth shattering here but we spent some time last weekend meal-planning and picking out healthy recipes for dinner. Our weekly meal plan looks something like this...
Sunday: Margharita pizza on the grill with Greek salad
Monday: Almond crusted halibut (I modified to do a light olive oil and herb mixture instead of the butter) with zucchini and salad
Tuesday: One pot Thai peanut pasta using protein pasta
Wednesday: Enchiladas with chicken, peppers, and onions
Thursday: Skinny honey lemon chicken with asparagus
Almond crusted halibut with zucchini topped with pesto
3. Gym dates: Adam and I have been making dates to hit the gym after work together. I enjoy the time we spend together and it's been a good motivator. Plus he always has some good ideas for strengthening exercises for my hips and quads.

4. Running dates: When Adam's back flared up, I lost my running buddy for a while. But now that he's healed (fingers crossed he doesn't have more issues), I have a running buddy which is fantastic! Marathon training is hard and I'm grateful to have someone by my side for some of the runs. We enjoyed a few miles together last Saturday and it was brutally hot so I was happy to have someone to help keep me motivated.

5. Focusing on hydration: I kind of slacked off on hydration for a while and now that summer heat and humidity is here in full force, I couldn't ignore it anymore. I have my 24 oz. Starbucks Disney Parks tumbler at work that I fill with ice water several times a day. I also have been trying to drink 8-12 ounces of water when I wake up in the morning. For some reason it gets me in a good frame of mind and starts the day off right.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you're settling into the married routine nicely! It's great that you now have a permanent workout buddy! Hydration is always something I continue to struggle with!

  2. I love weeknight gym dates with my hubby. Glad to hear that you and Adam are enjoying them as well! Its definitely very motivating to have your life partner working out alongside you.

  3. Sounds like you're getting into a great routine and I love that you have an awesome "running buddy." I love running with my husband! Life is better that way :)

  4. I love that you guys work out together! :)

  5. Awww! Honeymoon life...love it! I love that y'all are planning meals, runs, and workouts together! Awesome!

  6. I'd love to read a blog post about what your quick push-up and ab routines are...I just picked up my wedding dress last weekend and can tell I need to whip my upper body into shape over the next 6 months! My fiance and I go to the gym together too...he has so much more discipline than I do about going!! :)

  7. LOVE that you both are so health and fitness focused right from the start. It took me several months to kickstart Walt into a routine and to change his eating habits. lol. Really happy to hear Adam is running with you. Hope we get to see you both at an rD race. Happy Honeymooning! ~Monica

  8. Sounds like a good routine and plan. The almond crusted halibut ...yum!

  9. I really need to adopt a morning push up, sit up, etc, routine. Hitting snooze is always more appealing, however!

  10. Yay for new life and new routines!! I loved settling into married life. And love that you share your love of fitness!!

  11. I love that you guys keep each other motivated and accountable. All of those meals sound delicious!! Especially the Halibut!!

  12. Love that your first thoughts as newlyweds are getting healthier:) I'd say you're definitely on the right track there!
    Also good to hear the new hubby's getting better, and you have your running partner back!!!