June 10, 2015

Motivation renewed: I'm marathoning for Fisher House!

The other night I felt the spark reignite. I am ready to start marathon training again. Sure, my knee is improving but still not 100%. Sure, I'm still unsure how I'll approach this marathon. But there's something more this time...the support for our uniformed service members and their families. They need Fisher House.  And Fisher House benefits from runners who fundraise.

A few weeks ago, I was really stressed out about running a marathon again. My knee was a wreck, my motivation was at an all time low, and I couldn't wrap my brain around how I might make it happen. Adam and I chatted for a few minutes and our conversation went something like this...

Adam: Why are you worried?
Me: My knee, my interest level, letting Danielle down, letting myself down.
Adam: Ok, let's break this down a bit more. What are you doing about your knee?
Me: Focusing on strength training, taking a break from running and listening to my body.
Adam: Ok, that sounds good. Why are you worried about letting people down?
Me: I might not run a PR. I might not be ready to train for a sub-4:00. I always want to run my best and especially since I'm running with a Fisher House jersey, I want to run well.
Adam: Who cares if you don't PR? Do you think Fisher House cares? Let's talk more about what it means to run for them...why do you want to run for them?
Me: (long pause) For you...for Lisa's friends...for people like Aaron and Eliza...for anyone who couldn't otherwise be with their injured service member....I know this matters a lot more than a stupid marathon PR. (long pause) 
Adam: Ok. Now you know why you're running, right?

I do. I know what matters. What matters isn't my time this go 'round. Sure, I would love to PR! Sure, I would love to run a sub-4:00. But being an active fundraiser for Fisher House to help them raise money and awareness for their cause is more important. I run for the families staying at a Fisher House...just like the one I pass each day on my way to work. Sometimes you just need a little perspective. I still don't have my training plan or strategy nailed down but somehow I'll cross the finish line in October!

If you would like to support my fundraiser, you can donate online here. No matter the value, your donation makes a difference!



  1. AWESOME! So excited that you've got that spark back. Added bonus: this will be your first marathon with you new married name! Those little things make me excited :p
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. I too am worried how I am going to get through my next marathon and feel it was possibly a mistake to have signed up. I do not lack motivation though. I have been going to PT an my training sessions faithfully and although I am getting stronger, the injury is still there. I hope your knee holds up well enough for you that you can run a strong race regardless of PR. That is great why you are choosing to run for Fisher House! I think that alone will make this marathon so special for you! -M

  3. Sometimes it helps to put it all in perspective! So glad the spark is back!! :)

  4. Oh I love that Adam is such a great guy and was able to help you see what I know you already knew in your heart! You're going to do great Christine!

  5. Very excited for you, such a good partner to talk you through it.

  6. It's wondrful that you are running for Fisher House. And you are right, it's not always about a PR. Happy training.

  7. What an awesome cause! Years ago I did a charity run to raise funds, and I have to say I had a pretty good time doing it, it makes the race itself an entirely different experience. Good luck with your fundraising!!!

  8. So glad you got your spark and perspective back! Sounds like you've got a great partner to help you keep things in focus. :) Congrats and good luck with the wedding chaos!!

  9. Yes! Exactly! Do what you can and you may just surprise yourself. Sounds like you've got a "keeper" there ;)

  10. YES! We all lose our "spark" sometimes, but sometimes all we need is a little perspective. How amazing it will be to run for such a great cause! Best of luck with your fundraising/training! :)

  11. Ok, so I know I "live commented" on this post when I saw you this weekend, but just so we are on the same page and we have it in writing I have no plans for a specific time goal for this race, I just love this race and love running with you and want to enjoy the experience!

    Also, this conversation is a perfect example of why I am so happy you and Adam are husband and wife now! Miss you guys already!

  12. I will be there to cheer you on! Thank YOU for supporting military families :)