July 28, 2015

Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach ....40 days

Disclosure:  As Rock 'n Bloggers, we have been provided with a free entry into the Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach races.  There is no other compensation received and we are not required to write about our experiences.  All opinions stated here are our own.

Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach was one of our first local races together after we started our running adventure.  Both of us have participated in the race twice, including last year when I ran the half marathon relay and Christine ran the half solo.  This year, there is no relay so we will both be running the half together.  If you have not done this race add it to your list, or better yet, sign up now so you can enjoy a great beach weekend and race.  Always done on Labor Day weekend, this is the weekend that the locals "take back the beach" and the party atmosphere makes it a perfect time for a race. Use our discount code at the bottom of this post if you want to save $15 off the registration price. Also, there is still space to sign up for the VIP experience and you can read about that here.

With our friend Megan after Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach 2014

A couple things to note about the race weekend.  While it is a September race, don't let that fool you into thinking that race morning might be cool.  This race is notoriously hot, so here are some tips to help you be prepared and enjoy your race.

This is the 15th anniversary of the race in Virginia Beach and the medals are outstanding.  While we are not doing the Remix Challenge, those that are will get some seriously nice bling.

I do love the half marathon medal and look forward to earning that on September 6th! The race shirts this year are also very pretty and since blue is my favorite color I can't wait to get my hands on this one.  Best of all, Rock 'n Roll has women's and men's cut shirts so they are a great fit.

Last of all Sheryl Crow is the headliner act for the concert Sunday night at the oceanfront.  While we have missed these concerts the last few years, hopefully we can stay up late enough to enjoy this one.


  1. This sounds like such a fun race! Labor Day seems to be one of those weekends where I always have plans but I'd love to do this one at some point.

  2. I have done a few RnR races and have always enjoyed them. This one sounds like a blast too!
    Sheryl Crow now thats an awesome headliner too!

  3. Looks like a really fun race. I've read many recaps and everyone seems to really enjoy it...except for the heat. :)

  4. This always seems to be a fun one for people to do.

  5. The race shirts and medals look nice! I like that they are a bit more localized (esp the Neptune) vs looking like every other RnR shirt :)

  6. Sad that I will miss you all in VB this year.
    You gals will have to come to Savannah some time, it is a great Rock'n'Roll Race.

  7. I have not done a RnR race! I need to. This one will definitely be hot. I may look into a cooler one though. I've had my eye on Savannah for a while.

  8. We are so looking forward to this race this yr. And the headliner will be awesome! Hope to see you there:)

  9. I so wish I was doing this one, but the timing just didn't work out. Hope you girls have fun!